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10 Lessons On My 40th Birthday

Well, it's official. Today is my fortieth birthday. Yup, it's been four decades of life for this gal. I've delighted some folks, pissed off others, and picked up some wisdom along the way. If I've learned anything in my 40 years, it's that happiness is a choice, good... Read more


Mom-Of-Three Proudly Poses In Bikini: “They Aren’t Scars, They’re Stripes”

Redefining beauty! Fellow blogger and mom-of-three, Rachel Hollis, posted a photo of her bikini body last week, encouraging all moms to take pride in our post-baby bodies. "I have stretch marks and I wear a bikini," Hollis, 32, wrote on Facebook. "I have a belly that's permanently flabby... Read more


Viral Video: Mom Parody Pokes Fun At ‘Perfect’ Social Media Photos

I just had to post this latest mom parody. Why, you ask? Sure, it's good, clean fun. But mostly because they've used Jon Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer! As the hugest JBJ fan of all time, I love how What's Up Moms has taken the '80s mega-hit and... Read more


Facing 40 & Saying Goodbye To My Thirties

Lordy, Lordy, it looks like I'm turning 40! On March 27, 2015, I will turn the big 4-0! But it's not just me. My birthday twin, pop superstar Fergie, will leave her thirties behind on Friday, and everyone's favorite reality star mom Kate Gosselin will celebrate forty... Read more


The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Advocates For Breastfeeding Moms

Swoon! Look who just won Instagram, ladies! The latest breastfeeding advocate out of Hollywood is none other than The Walking Dead hunk Norman Reedus. Although Daryl Dixon had us at his sexy crossbow skills, the notorious zombie survivor has made even more fans after posting a pro-nursing photo via... Read more


Blogger Tells Stay At Home Moms: You Don’t Have A Real Job

Are you a stay at home mom? If so, you might be just delighted with a new blog post from Liz Pardue-Schultz, a former SAHM who says that staying at home with your children is not a real job. Yup, Liz proudly states the following: “Being a... Read more

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Viral Video: Baby Bodyboarding Causes Controversy

Totally gnarly? Or terribly negligent? A GoPro video of a father riding ocean waves with his 9-month-old son has created quite a buzz. In the viral video, dad Jorge Tirado brings his baby out on a board off the coast of Puerto Rico and rides some waves. "My son... Read more


#BringKellysKidsHome: Hollywood’s Ugliest Custody Battle

Are you going through a custody battle with your ex? While we definitely sympathize, we are downright floored by this unjust custody war coming out of Hollywood. In one of the ugliest high-profile disputes, Gossip Girl alum Kelly Rutherford and ex-husband, German-born Daniel Giersch, have been battling... Read more


‘I Hate My Thighs’ Onesie Causes Controversy

Nothing like a little onesie drama! A baby clothing company is facing criticism for selling a onesie with the phrase: "I Hate My Thighs." As of Monday, the controversial garment no longer appears on the Wry Baby website, which features similar onsies with phrases such as "Silently Judging You,"... Read more

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