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Toddlewood Is Baaaaaack: Creepy Or Cute?

Toddlewood is at it again! With the awards season upon us, photographer Tricia Messeroux and wardrobe designer Andrea Pitter are busy with their Toddlewood series, which recreates favorite red carpet moments on young children. The former advertising executive-turned-photographer recreates the stars’ looks for kids with outfits... Read more


Viral Video: Dancing Pregnant Woman Twerks Until Her Water Breaks

This takes twerking to another level! In a new viral video, a pregnant woman enjoys the sweet sounds of Sade's No Ordinary Love. While tidying her kitchen, the mom-to-be stops everything to groove to the sexy song. The video begins with a man videotaping the pregnant goddess in the kitchen, and saying,... Read more


Have Kids’ Birthday Parties Become Too Over-The-Top?

Have our kids' birthday parties become the new way to keep up with the Jones'? Is this another case of the Supermom syndrome? Long gone are the days of inviting over 5 or 6 BFFs to your house, playing pin the tail on the donkey, then... Read more


Does Mark Wahlberg Deserve A Pardon For His Hate Crimes?

Does Marky Mark deserve a pardon? Although he's now a law-abiding father-of-four, Mark Wahlberg did some pretty ugly stuff back in his youth. Now a strict Catholic, the actor, 43, and his wife, model Rhea Durham, are parents to daughters Ella, 11, Grace, 5, and sons... Read more


Is Gwyneth Paltrow A Divorce Genius?

Sure, "consciously uncouple" was one of the most nauseating terms of last year. And perhaps she's given a few bad quotes over the years -- remember when she said it's harder to be a celebrity mom than a 9-5 mom? But if there's a right way to... Read more

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Boys Refuse To Slap Girl In New YouTube Video

In a new video out of Italy, boys are asked to hit a young girl. That's right, has created a YouTube video on the tough topic of violence against women. The narrator of the video begins by asking young boys to interact with a girl, Martina, close to... Read more


#BabyRappers: Viral Baby Names With Street Cred

Looking for some baby name inspiration with a touch of street cred? Look no further than Comedy Central's @Midnight. During Tuesday's #HashtagWars, contestants and viewers were challenged to come up with baby rapper name ideas. And let's just say that the Twitterverse responded -- big time! The social media platform... Read more


Viral Letter: Parents Create Points System For Daughter Who Got Grounded

What do you think about this viral letter? In a new take on grounding, these parents have set some boundaries with their daughter Cassidy. Instead of setting a time limit on her punishment, they have created a points system. As the letter reads, "To get ungrounded,... Read more


“Cool Moms” Parody Explores Mommy Cliques

We love a good mom parody! In a new spin on Echosmith's Cool Kids, two Texas moms explore that outside-the-circle feeling you often get around other moms. MORE: 10 Ways Motherhood Has Changed Me Isn't it so true, ladies?! Mommy cliques can be hard to break into, making many of... Read more

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