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Sarah Silverman (& Jesus Christ) in New PSA for Women’s Rights

Sarah Silverman went there! Sporting a tee that reads 'feminist,' the comedienne nails it in her latest PSA. In...
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Words of Wisdom: Kids React to Racist Backlash

It appears a handful of kids are more mature than millions of adults. Restoring our faith in humanity and the...

Disney Faces Backlash Over Princess Merida

Merida was the Disney princess we were all waiting for. She is a strong, confident, self-rescuing princess ready...

Claire’s birthday message for mommy – YouTube

OMG - adorable! ...
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From Porn to Stardom: 3 Simple Steps to Fame & Fortune

Being a teen mom isn't easy...except for when you're Farrah Abraham. The Teen Mom star recently sold her sex...

Which guilty dog did this mess? – YouTube

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