My SIL announced she is pregnant today. I

My SIL announced she is pregnant today. I feel lost & empty inside. They only just started trying for a baby. After a long battle with fertility, we’re secretly in the middle of a gruelling IVF cycle. I have to pretend I’m happy for her, but it’s killing me on the inside.

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  1. tinkersbellers

    I know how you feel. When my cousin had her baby girl, I was happy for them yet I cried as my heart was breaking for myself. I felt lost and empty too…

    Hang in there, you’ll get to fulfill your wish of becoming a mother. Stay positive!

  2. It is a killer. Don’t be afraid to keep yourself distant from her during your IVF cycle. I went through one myself (it failed) and it can make you so emotional. Take care of yourself and temporarily distance yourself from things that bother you.


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