How to Scoop?

Welcome to HerScoop, a content sharing blog. Organize & share the articles you love by Scooping your favorite URLs. Let’s learn and grow from one another — we can’t wait to hear the Scoop!

Here at HerScoop, you can:

How to Scoop:

  1. Go to the top right of HerScoop and click on “Scoop It”
  2. Find a fabulous article or video ( or online
  3. Copy and paste the URL of that article or video
  4. Continue to follow the step-by-step instructions, and then press “Scoop It”

Step 1

The window will load any pictures, that could be associated with your scooped website. Pick the one, that is related to that website simply by clicking it once.

Step 2

Than you can pick the Category, Location and even write a short description. When you are ready, click Scoop it and you are done.

Step 3

A small confirmation window will appear, which let’s you preview your Scoop.

And voila! You’ve just scooped an article on HerScoop. Thank you for your contribution!

Want to edit your Scoop? No problem:

  1. Click on your Scoop
  2. Under the content of the Scoop, next to the “Leave a Comment”, click “Edit Scoop”
  3. Make any edits you wish
  4. Press “Update”

How to make an anonymous confession:

  1. Click on “Confessions”
  2. Write any secret you wish – get it off your chest, girl!
  3. Press “Submit”

We won’t judge! It’s a great place to gripe about your MIL, dish on your annoying BFF, or even confess something truly naughty.