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California Parents Asks School To Bar Unvaccinated Children

Barring unvaccinated kids from school? California parents Carl and Jodi Krawitt have watched their son, Rhett, now 6, battle leukemia for the past 4 1/2 years. After years of chemo, doctors say Rhett is in remission. But there's a new health threat that Rhett's parents are now worried about: measles. Measles,... Read more


Bell Let’s Talk Day Raised $6.1 Million For Mental Health

Thanks to Olympian Clara Hughes, Canadians opened up the dialogue on mental health Wednesday, contributing more than 122 million tweets, texts, calls and social media shares on Bell Let's Talk Day. With the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, a record 122,150,772 tweets, texts, calls and shares were made,... Read more


Viral Video: Dad Calls Out Daughter’s Racist Bully

Have you seen this viral video yet? A Minnesota father Brad Knudson calls out some racist bullying that was directed toward his adopted African-American daughter. The outraged father filmed the Snapchat video before it disappeared, and then created his own YouTube rant. (Warning: NSFW due to racist and foul language.) Knudson found... Read more


New Study: “Mommy Brain” Is Real!

Mommy Brain, anyone? Can you remember every single Madonna song from the '80s, but yesterday's events are foggy? Do you struggle recalling your own children's birthdays (including birth year)? Do you even know your own name? :) "Momnesia" is funny because it's true! Ever since motherhood, my memory has... Read more


#SisterhoodUnite: New Viral Video Ends The “Mommy Wars”

The "mommy wars" just got schooled! In a new online campaign, Similac asks parents to join the #SisterhoodUnite movement. MORE: Stop The Mommy Wars: Empowering Photo Series In the new "Mother 'Hood" video, judgy moms are challenged to stop the insanity. "Why is it that the moment you... Read more


Toddlewood Is Baaaaaack: Creepy Or Cute?

Toddlewood is at it again! With the awards season upon us, photographer Tricia Messeroux and wardrobe designer Andrea Pitter are busy with their Toddlewood series, which recreates favorite red carpet moments on young children. The former advertising executive-turned-photographer recreates the stars’ looks for kids with outfits... Read more


Viral Video: Dancing Pregnant Woman Twerks Until Her Water Breaks

This takes twerking to another level! In a new viral video, a pregnant woman enjoys the sweet sounds of Sade's No Ordinary Love. While tidying her kitchen, the mom-to-be stops everything to groove to the sexy song. The video begins with a man videotaping the pregnant goddess in the kitchen, and saying,... Read more


Have Kids’ Birthday Parties Become Too Over-The-Top?

Have our kids' birthday parties become the new way to keep up with the Jones'? Is this another case of the Supermom syndrome? Long gone are the days of inviting over 5 or 6 BFFs to your house, playing pin the tail on the donkey, then... Read more


Does Mark Wahlberg Deserve A Pardon For His Hate Crimes?

Does Marky Mark deserve a pardon? Although he's now a law-abiding father-of-four, Mark Wahlberg did some pretty ugly stuff back in his youth. Now a strict Catholic, the actor, 43, and his wife, model Rhea Durham, are parents to daughters Ella, 11, Grace, 5, and sons... Read more

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