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Hockey Star’s Daughter Begs For A Trade – And Gets Her Wish!

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We love this heartwarming story out of the NHL!

When Jordan Leopold‘s daughters wrote an adorable letter in hopes that the Minnesota Wild would trade for her father, she didn’t know her wish would end up coming true.

The 11-year-old girl wrote a handwritten letter to encourage a trade with the Columbus Blue Jackets — and the adorable message went viral on Monday.

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Giveaway: Goumikids Newborn Set ($40)


Goumikids creates beautiful baby essentials for little ones that include booties, hats and mitts made from organic cotton and bamboo.

With its two-part Velcro closure system on its mittens and booties, parents can rest assured that these products will actually stay on baby and not on the floor! Additionally, the mittens and hats are reversible, with modern patterns on one side and solid colors on the other for maximum wearability.

The Goumikids Newborn Set comes in three varieties: Diamond Dots (Cream), Leaves (Pink), and Sketch (Blue) and includes a matching set of goumimitts, goumiboots, and a goumihat ($40 value).

We are giving away a Goumikids Newborn Set to one (1) lucky reader!

One easy way to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest ends Friday, March 6 at 12 am EST. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!

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Friday Funny: Awkward Family Photos

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What better way to welcome the weekend than by laughing at the expense of others?!

In celebration of peoples’ awkwardness, let’s take a look at some fab family photos that make us giggle (and feel better about our own families).

awkward-family-2 awkward-family-3 awkward-family-4 awkward-family-5 awkward-family-6 awkward-family-7 awkward-family-8 awkward-family-9 awkward-family-10 awkward-family-11 awkward-family-12 awkward-family-13 awkward-family-14 awkward-family-15 awkward-family-16 awkward-family-17 awkward-family-18 awkward-family-19 awkward-family-20 awkward-family-21 awkward-family-22 awkward-family


awkward-family-40 awkward-family-39 awkward-family-38 awkward-family-37 awkward-family-33 awkward-family-34 awkward-family-35 awkward-family-36 awkward-family-32 awkward-family-31 awkward-family-30 awkward-family-29 awkward-family-28 awkward-family-27 awkward-family-26 awkward-family-25 awkward-family-23 awkward-family-24

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Brutally Honest Parenting: Would You Tell Your Child He Is Ugly?


Son, you’re ugly.

Can you even imagine saying that to your kid? Well that is exactly what happened to Marc Anthony.

Given the pop singer’s heartthrob status and history of beautiful brides (including former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, superstar Jennifer Lopez and his wife of just three months, model Shannon de Lima), either dad was wrong or his harsh words built character.

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#PinkShirtDay: Powerful Video-Poem On Cyberbullying

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.04.27 AM
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We are proudly wearing our pink on #PinkShirtDay.

In Canada, on Feb. 25, 2015, all students are asked to wear a pink tee in support of an annual anti-bullying campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.04.27 AM

To celebrate the peaceful movement, we’re re-posting a popular story about cyberbullying. Be sure to wear pink today and spread the love!

In the latest anti-bullying campaign, Canadian poet Shane Koyczan takes on cyberbullying in a new video titled Troll. Set to dark and powerful illustrations, Koyczan’s moving poem shares a poignant look at the deep pain caused by online bullies.

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The ‘trolls’ in the video-poem are painted as cowards hiding behind anonymous user names, spewing hate and urging suicidal kids to take their lives. Koyczan outlines the prevalence of this new and viral form of bullying. A line in the poem reads:

“Every night as the moon read bedtime stories to sunlight, you took darkness as an invite to head out into the world, you curled your hands into wrecking balls, your breath became squalls, you made rocks rumble, you made land shiver, you made boys and girls pray that someone would deliver them from you.”

He goes on to describe the trolls: “You’ve taught strangers into death and laughed. And as each family to graft skin over the wounds you gave them, you hem yourself into the scar. You’ve coaxed the sober back into bars.” Koyczan not only outlines the devastating affects of a cyberbully, he also captures the self-hate of the online predator who is targeting our children.

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So before your kids get dragged under the bridge with an online troll, I urge parents to watch this powerful video and share with your teens.

Embrace the messages of this campaign, learn how to protect your kids online, and empower your children to have the courage to rise above these trolls.

This poignant video-poem is from the album and graphic novel, Silence Is A Song I Know All The Words To, available for purchase, here.

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Reese Witherspoon Supports #AskHerMore Campaign


Sing it, sista!

Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon challenged journalists prior to hitting the red carpet on Sunday. The mom-of-three, 38, was hoping to be asked about more than just her fashion choices on Hollywood’s biggest night.

Backing the #AskHerMore campaign, Witherspoon posted a photo on Instagram ahead of the 87th Annual Academy Awards, asking for deeper and more meaningful questions from reporters.

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