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Review: Babyganics Strives To Create A Baby-Safe World

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We all want to keep our children safe and as healthy as can be, don’t we?

Sometimes the products that are promoted to us as parents aren’t always the best things for our children and for us as adults. But we all do the best that we can to learn as much as possible to make informed decisions.

I’m still learning about how to make our home as clean as possible with the least amount of chemicals.

Not long ago I was introduced to Babyganics, a company that produces baby-safe products that doesn’t use toxic or harmful ingredients. Naturally, I wanted to try some of their products in hopes of finding solutions to our everyday needs that won’t harm our children’s bodies.

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16 Signs You Went To Catholic School

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Any Catholic school kids out there?

Although I’ve left the religion, I have many fond memories of the private Catholic school I attended in my Canadian small town.

If you have a similar background to me, perhaps you can relate to the following 16 signs of a past Catholic school student…

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Is Fundraising on Social Media Really That Bad?


More and more critics have been verbal about their disapproval of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Regardless of the increased awareness and unprecedented funds being raised for the devastating disease, some people feel the need to intellectualize the movement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always up for a healthy debate and I strive to learn something new everyday. But to those who are endlessly criticizing the viral fundraiser, you’re completely missing the point!

Ask most families who have been affected by ALS, and you will hear how this online campaign has lifted spirits and provided hope amid the 100% fatality rate.

Note to the haters: if you were facing your inevitable death, don’t you think watching people worldwide dump ice water over their heads in the name of your killer would be uplifting? A global eff-off to your fatal diagnosis?

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Review: Belly Bandit Mama Tucks-It

BB MT Feature
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Don’t nip it or suck it, simply Mother Tuck-It.

Belly Bandit has a new line of shape wear unrivaled by anything you have ever experienced. Dress and compress and you’ll dress to impress with their Mother Tucker® Compression line.

Some of our favorite celebrity moms are loving this new line of shapewear!

“Loving my Mother Tucker compression leggings by Belly Bandit – LOVE, LOVE!” – Nancy O’Dell

“Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker compression tank gave me the support and confidence I needed to get back into my pre-baby clothes.” – Christina Applegate


“These Mother Tucker leggings by Belly Bandit are the best – I take them everywhere with me.” – Lisa Ling


Great, celebs love it, but what about us ‘regular’ folk? Well, let me share my experience with Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker Compression line and their new Muffinology Technology.

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Giveaway: Little Giraffe Prize Pack ($151)

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We are giving away the following prize pack from Little Giraffe (total value: $151)!

Chenille Leaf Blanket $69 – Delicate leaves glide around our classic chenille baby blanket transforming any nursery into a lush oasis. Snuggle time has never been more serene.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.46.37 AM

Little L Blanky $49 – Downsize your diaper bag and maximize smiling baby time with our 2-in-1 travel pal and security blanky. Sure to be your little one’s tag-along best buddy and comforting companion while on-the-go. Sprung from our Luxe Dot Collection and the counterpart to our friendly lion plush toy, Little L.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.46.25 AM

Box of Socks $33 –  Choose from our curated solid assortment of baby socks in ultra-soft Silky Yarn. Match or mix, these combos will complete your little one’s wardrobe essentials. Two little feet with socks to spare! Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.28.16 AM One easy way to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest ends Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 12 am EST. This giveaway is open to Canada & U.S.residents only. Good luck! *contest rules*

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Review: Lolly Wolly Doodle’s Children’s Wear Keeps The Compliments Coming

Lolly Wolly Doodle
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Don’t you just love it when people compliment your babe(s) for looking just so cute?

C’mon, all of our kids are cute in some way, but sometimes the outfits that they wear can make them just that much ‘cuter’. Right?

If you’re looking for that little bit of extra adorable-ness, then you will want to take a closer look at Lolly Wolly Doodle.

Earlier this summer, I received four outfits from Lolly Wolly Doodle (LWD) for my two daughters and whenever they wear the outfits, the compliments just roll in.

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Photo credit: HerScoop, Lolly Wolly Doodle