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World’s Youngest Supermodel Kristina Pimenova is “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”

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Meet the 9-year-old being described as the “most beautiful girl in the world.”

She’s not even a decade old, but Kristina Pimenova – who has been modelling in her native Russia since the age of 3 - has already reached supermodel status.

Kristina is featured in campaigns for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli, her Facebook fan page has over two million likes, and her Instagram account has over 300,000 followers.

That’s quite a resume for a 9-year-old!

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‘Coded’ Web Series Explores Flawed Public Education System

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There’s nothing quite like going to university for several years, only to completely change careers after graduating and working in the field.

That’s exactly what happened to Steve Neufeld, now a Canadian filmmaker. The British Columbia father-of-one was a high school teacher for seven years, but found it emotionally taxing, and also wanted to pursue his dream of writing for film and TV.

Although he is no longer working as a teacher, Neufeld is exploring his passion for education in the new web series, Coded.

Thanks to Storyhive, a Telus initiative, Neufeld has submitted a promotional video for Coded to received one of fifteen bursaries of $10,000 to make the pilot. And he needs your vote! In the spring, those 15 episodes will go online and once again, the public will vote. The winning project will receive $50 000 to produce more web series episodes.

“The idea for this show came to me while I was teaching in Alberta several years ago,” Neufeld tells HerScoop exclusively. “I don’t think anybody who teaches, and takes that vocation seriously, can avoid the constant conflict between meeting the needs of students and maintaining a healthy personal life.”

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HerScoop’s YouTube Channel: Body Parts & Sex

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Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Is it difficult for you to discuss the birds and the bees with your children?

What do you tell your kids when it comes to body parts? Is it all about the hoohas and dingalings? Or do you use the proper terminology when describing private parts?

And while we’re discussing uncomfortable topics, what do you tell your kids about how babies get into mommy’s tummies? Do you tell the truth, or do you avoid science/facts and sugar-coat the truth?

HerScoop is chatting about these potentially embarrassing parenting milestones on our new YouTube channel.

Here’s a few of our thoughts on the matter. Find out what my own mom told me, how I plan to address these topics with my children, and hear how the truth can actually empower kids and open the door for future discussions in the years to come.

See our YouTube video below, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Elf on the Shelf “Being Sold as a Spy to Judge Child Behavior”

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Here’s a HerScoop re-post from last holiday season. Has anyone changed their mind about the “Santa Claus lie” or the Elf on the Shelf? Continue reading about this hot holiday topic…

Guess who’s making headlines this holiday season?

No, Angelina Jolie doesn’t have a seventh child on the way. And girl, I’m sorry to say but Ryan Gosling isn’t back on the market to kiss you under the mistletoe.

But the internet is abuzz with a certain someone who dresses in a red bodysuit and pointy hat. That’s right, “the Elf on the Shelf” is causing concern during this season of joy.

We’ve seen him all over our Facebook news feed. And even some of our favorite celebrities are joining in on the fun. Actress Ali Landry posted a playful shot via Instagram of the Elf tangled in the milk jug for her daughter Estela.

So what seems to be the problem with the lil’ guy?

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HerScoop’s YouTube Channel: Do You Spank Your Kids?

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We’re excited to announce that HerScoop has a new YouTube channel!

In our first YouTube video, we ask the questions: Do you spank your kids? Were you spanked as a child?

After Adrian Peterson got in biiiig trouble for switching his 4-year-old son, we’re taking a look at physical discipline and asking if it’s ok.

MORE: Adrian Peterson “Won’t Ever Use A Switch Again”

Hear our thoughts on the matter, find out what we will “never” do to our own kids, and sound off on the controversial topic!

See our first YouTube video below. And please susbscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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Adrian Peterson “Won’t Ever Use A Switch Again”


Adrian Peterson is breaking his silence.

The former Minnesota Vikings star running back says he will never use a switch to punish his 4-year-old son again. This marks his first major interview about the incident, which got him indicted on charges of child abuse and suspended from the NFL.

Peterson, 29, was indicted for child abuse after hitting his four-year-old son with a switch (a strong but flexible type of wood) as a punishment. This left cuts and bruises on his son’s back, leg, buttocks, and scrotum.

MORE: Do You Spank Your Kids? Billy Bob Thornton Weighs In

In a Thursday interview with USA Today, the athlete said he “won’t ever use a switch again.”

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