3 Hot Parenting Topics: Where Do You Stand?

When it comes to raising kids, there’s some issues that I feel very strongly about.

Primping and prepping our kids to make them more ‘beautiful‘ really raises my blood pressure. I’ve got my bias when it comes to circumcising baby boys, and lord knows I have feelings about religion and family dynamics.

But I’m downright wishy-washy on a few kid-related topics that have some parents in deep debate.

How do you feel about the following hot parenting topics?

  • Highchairs & baby changing tables in restaurants:

Should all restaurants cater to young families by providing highchairs and baby changing tables in the washrooms?

That’s the question at the center of a Facebook debate involving the popular Canadian restaurant chain Earls.

On January 3, ‘Mich Elle’ dined out with her husband and 9-month-old son at Earls in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

“I was quite disappointed when we asked our hostess for a highchair and were told that the restaurant didn’t have any. Our hostess offered us a booster seat, but as any parent knows – a booster seat is completely useless with a baby,” she wrote on Earls Facebook page. “I was also unhappy to find there was no change table in the restroom (most restaurants will have them discreetly installed on the wheelchair stall wall).”

I can see both sides of this story. As a mother-of-three, I’ve really appreciated when a restaurant provides as many comforts of home as possible. And I’m that mom who apologizes for the mess my kids leave.

But shouldn’t parents know where the family-friendly restaurants are? If not, maybe we can call ahead to see if there are highchairs and change tables available?

Or should I be outraged that my children aren’t welcome in all restaurants?

  • Is the iPotty the key to potty training success?

The negative comments came rolling in when Celebrity Baby Scoop posted the latest kid invention: a potty with an iPad dock.

Yes, potties have officially gone 2.0.

The iPotty is a new invention that not only allows your toddler to learn to use the bathroom, but to watch movies or play games while doing so.

“Enough is enough,” one reader sounded off. “2-3 year olds have been potty training for years without watching movies or playing games. What is this world coming to??”

Another valid point from a commenter: “It’s bad enough that my husband spends an hour on the toilet while playing on his iPhone. There’s NO way I would train my child to do the same thing. RIDICULOUS!!”

While I definitely think the above arguments are valid, maybe this device would help some frazzled parents?

I’ve potty trained two of my three kids, and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind trying out the iPotty with my toddler. In my experience boys can be challenging to potty train, and my son might respond well to this new invention.

Or should I be outraged by this invention?

To read all about the iPotty, including price and where to buy it, head over to Momfinds.

  • Leashing kids:

Before I had children, I thought kid leashes were the cruelest invention of all time.

(Or, as the PC police would have us call it, the child safety tether).

While I have never used a leash on my own kids, I don’t have a child with hyperactivity problems. I’ve also never been to Disneyland or a largely populated area where I’ve felt anxious about losing my child.

Could leashing kids be effective parenting for some families with hyperactive kids? Or is it always a bad idea?

Sound off! Which hot topic do you feel strongly about?

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