5 Signs You Might Be A Celebrity Stalker

I’ve been the senior editor at Celebrity Baby Scoop for nearly 5 years — and have I got a few stories for you!

Sure, I’ve interviewed close to 200 celebrities and have some high-profile gossip (sorry, saved for my girls’ nights). But nothing has shocked/terrified me more than some of the celebrity-obsessed comments on our site.

For the most part, our readers consist of well-meaning folks who like to see the pretty people and their genetically-gifted offspring. But I’ve been witness to a very dark side, my friends. And, so, I share with you 5 signs that you might be a celebrity stalker. Perhaps you need to check into rehab should you relate to the following tall tale signs:

1. You could write a thesis outlining the series of events of LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian’s love affair.

OK people, I get it. You’ve been cheated on, and the homewrecker refers to your children as her own.

I can’t imagine the devastation and anger that situation would bring. But I beg of you my sisters: don’t take it out on LeAnn in every. single. post. regarding the Glanville-Rimes-Cibrians.

2. You know the names of celebrities’ pets.

Sure some celebs talk about their pets in interviews, and that information might be stashed away in your memory for life. But what if they keep that information private? How do you know the pooch’s moniker?

I’ll never forgot when “horsie girl” commented on a seemingly lovely photo of a then-pregnant Selma Blair with her horse that the paparazzi named “Taffy.” Well let me tell you, “horsie girl” did not take kindly to that atrocious error (and while we’re at it, I’m not sure how you know the gender either, “horsie girl”). Shudder.

3. You are heartbroken when a Hollywood couple splits.

Do you remember where you were and what you were wearing when you heard the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston breakup news? Was it a John Lennon moment for you?

After a high-profile couple splits, maybe you can’t stop asking, ‘Why?’ and, ‘What went wrong?’ and you find yourself saying things like, ‘They just seemed so happy.’ Yah….you might need some help.

4. You use foul language, written IN CAPS, when a celebrity blogger does not share your opinion.

I’ve learned to keep my opinions to myself when it comes to celebrities and their kids. You won’t see me outing the less-than-aesthetically-pleasing tots in Tinseltown.

But sometimes I have to use a bit of judgement. Like, for example, when putting together the year-end Readers’ Choice Awards I must compile a list of the worst celebrity baby names. And yes, your favorite celebrity – regardless of how fabulous she may be – might make that list.

I’m sorry, but naming a baby Rocky James is downright cruel. Can you image how many times that poor boy will hear ‘Adrienne’ throughout any give day? I should not be targeted for online bullying for including that one, my dear foul-mouthed stalkers.

5. You can pinpoint when a celebrity kid has worn the same attire.

This is a little freaky, people.

So what if James Wilkie Broderick wears the same sneakers or ill-fitted pants? Does it really affect you if Suri Cruise steps out in her PJs again? Or heaven forbid, if a celebrity parent uses hand-me-down clothing.

Think of this as a love letter to my loyal followers. Hey, I love the pretty people as much as the next gal, but let’s gain some perspective.

Do you relate to any/all of the above? 

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