10 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother

Am I alone, or have you also started turning into your mother?

For me, the metamorphosis has been somewhat gradual since I entered womanhood. But since welcoming children 8 years ago, I seem to have turned into the lovely lady who raised me.

Continue reading the 10 telling pieces of evidence outlining your inevitable future — mom jeans, short hair and non-stop coffee breath.

1. You forward chain mass emails.


Yes, I enjoy seeing puppies in bonnets, and of course I want to know how deodorant is killing me.

But if you are forever forwarding chain mass emails – or if you are still using personal email at all – you might be over 40.

2. You sign your text and Facebook posts.


Thank you for clarifying, but technology’s got your identity covered.

And I love you too, dear, but LOL does not mean ‘Lots of Love.”

3. You get overwhelmed easily.


Drama ain’t just for the youth.

When supper is running late, or you’ve misplaced your stash of Mr. Clean magic erasers, the world truly is not going to come to an end.

4. You actually say, “Pull up your damn pants” when you see this: 


5. You start sentences with, “Wait, let me put my glasses on.”


6. You purchase – and enjoy – boxed wine.


Once a woman says, “Yes, the boxed wine will be all for today,” to the clerk at the liquor store, it’s over.

But I must say, that seal really does keep the wine fresh for up to 3 weeks 6 weeks.

7. Throughout  the day, you sing songs out loud, then hum the words you don’t know, ending with a ‘cha cha cha.’


There’s no shame in it!

If someone were to catch you doing this, keep the vibe going. We all know you can’t hold back the Call me Maybes and vintage Bon Jovi tunes!

8. You regularly wear a robe.


Over the rags you call ‘pajamas,’ you love a cozy full-body robe.

After all, sometimes you just really need that warm-up that a simple cardigan doesn’t provide.

9. You say things like, ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ and ‘Nifty.’

Before you know it, you’ll be threatening your kids with, ‘If you keep pulling stunts like that mister, we’re sending you to the Catholic school’ or, ‘I’ll be there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.’

10. You agree with the parents in movies, not the kids.


Can you relate? Are you also turning into mommy dearest?

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