5 Signs You Might Be Turning Into Your Mother


Am I alone, or have you also started turning into your mother?

For me, the metamorphosis has been somewhat gradual since I entered womanhood. But since welcoming children 6 years ago, I seem to have turned into the lovely lady who raised me.

Continue reading the 5 telling pieces of evidence outlining my inevitable future — mom jeans, short hair and non-stop coffee breath.

1. I have purchased – and enjoyed – boxed wine.

I realize this story could end here. Once a woman says, “Yes, the boxed wine will be all for today,” to the clerk at the liquor store, it’s over.

But I must say, that seal really does keep the wine fresh for up to 3 weeks 6 weeks.

2. Throughout the day I sing songs out loud, then hum the words I don’t know, ending with a ‘cha cha cha.’

Why do I do this? If someone were to walk into my house – even an invader – I would immediately come up with a lie to blame my children. But I don’t see myself stopping. How can I hold back the Call me Maybes and vintage Bon Jovi tunes?!

3. I regularly wear a robe.

Yup, and not just only over the rags I call ‘pajamas.’

And I do this often. Sometimes, you just really need that full-body warm-up that a simple sweater doesn’t provide. No?

4. I say things like, ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ and ‘Nifty.’

Before you know it, I’ll be threatening my kids with, ‘If you keep pulling stunts like that mister, we’re sending you to the Catholic school’ or, ‘I’ll be there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.’

5. I beg the children for foot rubs.

Now here’s a family tradition I don’t mind repeating!

Can’t make it to the spa? Get the kids involved — it’s always good to instill hard work ethic at an early age.

Can you relate? Are you also turning into mommy dearest?

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  1. Kate

    Footrub sounds good right about now…

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