All Hail Mira Sorvino: A ‘Real’ Celebrity Mom

Mira Sorvino has just become one of my new favorite celebrity moms — and let me tell you why.

The Academy Award-winning actress, 45, was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport in November with her 6-month-old daughter Lucia. So what, you ask?

Not only did the blonde beauty walk through the busy terminal bare-faced, she wasn’t wearing designer duds like some celebs that strut their stuff through the paparazzi-infested airport (*cough* Victoria Beckham).

And not only that, the mom-of-four looked downright frazzled…just like the rest of us real moms when traveling with our kids.

Goddess bless you, Mira Sorvino, for keeping it real. Traveling with kids is stressful, not an opportunity to debut the latest trends.

For me, it was maddening when the negative comments started rolling in about Mira’s appearance. Have we lost touch with reality seeing the porcelain-like celebrities that are forever spotted at LAX? Do we really think that is reality?

I’m sorry that the internet – and, yes, that includes our beloved Celebrity Baby Scoop – provides a place to sound off such negative thoughts, and to perpetuate these unrealistic beauty ideals.

Because for me, Mira represents myself.

A mom who would wear a casual outfit while toting my tot through a busy airport terminal. I’d be stressed, dressed-down and most definitely not looking Oscar-ready.

Are you with me? Do you love Mira for keeping it real?

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