Happy Anniversary to HerScoop: Top Articles of 2013

Happy Anniversary to us!

HerScoop turns O-N-E on this first day of 2014. On January 1, 2013, HerScoop, a spinoff of Celebrity Baby Scoop, launched into the land of the internets. Instead of writing about New Year’s resolutions on the first day of the year, HerScoop talked about death in the first article: Dealing with Death: Don’t Do What I Did.

This was the beginning of many more chats about death and healing — a subject we will continue to explore in the coming year.

We’ve hosted tons of great giveaways and reviews outlining today’s hottest baby products, enjoyed a variety of guest blogs, and published hundreds of great scoops from other websites.

In celebration of our first anniversary, we’re taking a look at the top articles published on HerScoop over the past year.

In no particular order, click through the most buzzed about articles on HerScoop in 2013:

On religion – one of our favorite topics to discuss – we ‘went there’ in the following articles:

On this year’s hot mommy topics, we didn’t shy away from the following issues:

We dove into the holidays, outlining that society often places too much pressure on us to be perfect:

We talked quite a bit about fitness and the fine balance between a healthy body and healthy body-image:

On the topic of death and dying, we explored the grieving process in the following articles:

On the topic of personal growth, we wrote a few popular articles, such as:

We got downright silly with these fun and funny posts:

We dove into the entertainment world with these thought-provoking articles:

Three cheers for everyday inspirational moms! In case you missed them, check out these amazing women and their stories of triumph, makeover and healing:

Thanks to all our loyal HerScoop readers, and a warm welcome to new visitors! Please be sure to sign up as a member, link your favorite scoops, and share your comments in our articles.

What was your favorite HerScoop article of 2013? What would you like to see on HerScoop in 2014?

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