Note From “Annoyed Neighbor” Did Not Ruin My Camping Family Fun

Who knows the exhaustion of camping with young kids? From finding the loads of gear in storage, to buying all the groceries and packing them into the cooler, to fitting all your crap into the vehicle, to driving to the destination, to setting up the tent, a ‘fun’ family camping trip can be one of the most labor intensive ‘holidays’ of the year.

And even though washing the dishes in plastic bins amid your greasy ponytail and dirty fingernails might not sound like a dream vacation, the kids always love it.

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I recently returned from a fun-filled camping trip with my family-of-five. And while I definitely need a vacation after the vacation, we truly had the greatest time up at Alice Lake in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Since my kids are young (3, 5 & 8), I was busy from day to night with cooking, cleaning up, trips to the beach, bike rides and outdoor craft projects.

So one can imagine my shock to receive a nasty note from my next door camping neighbor.

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Starting off her note IN CAPS (and, not to mention, a spelling error), my “annoyed” neighbor left a strong message after cleaning up and leaving the campsite.

“CONGRADULATIONS! [sic] You guys are officially the loudest campsite,” the mother-of-two wrote. “Sincerely, Your annoyed neighbors.”

Bringing home her passive aggressive message, our neighbor capped off the handwritten note with a small heart.

Well isn’t that just lovely!

After her two young sons (3 & 5) spent much of their time at our site (yes, even in our tent and on our site within seconds of parking our car), this is how she “officially” wanted to say goodbye.

Yes, even though I had to ask her sons to leave our site several times because they always seemed to be there, here is the ‘thanks’ I got for the free childcare.

Perhaps it was the incident at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Friday morning when a squirrel hopped into our car and there was about 5 minutes of high-pitched squeals from my excited kids? Or maybe she was truly offended when I loudly said in a sing-songy voice, “Time to go home now,” to her elder son who wouldn’t leave our site after I’d asked several times.

Funny enough, I introduced myself to you, Megan. We bonded over having two boys, the ‘joys’ of potty training sons, the fantastic weather we were experiencing, and the beauty of the great outdoors.

Perhaps next time you’ll simply ask your camping neighbors to kindly keep it down, instead of spewing your passive aggression to the world. Either that, or get laid, girl!

But I assure you, Megan, your passive aggressive note did not ruin my family fun! And when my husband spent the next morning ‘shhhh’ing’ our kids because of your mean-spirited note, we had a great chat about how it’s normal for kids to be awake from 8 a.m. onward. We came to the conclusion that children are allowed to express themselves and enjoy the holiday, and the shhhh’ing was definitely banished.

And Megan, here’s the proof that my family aren’t a bunch of wild animals. Check out how your nastiness didn’t stop us from having fun. Enjoy the rest of your summer, Megan, and may peace be with you.

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