Awkward Family Christmas Cards

‘Tis the season for tacky family Christmas cards.

Who doesn’t love an awkward family photo encapsulated onto a holiday greeting card? While we ask the obvious question, “Where they serious?,” let’s share some jolly laughs at the expense of others with terrible taste.

This lovely couple just couldn’t hold in their excitement…or keep their shirts on over the joyous holiday season.

I don’ care what time of year it is, animal cruelty is wrong.

Nothing like forcing the joy of Santa Claus onto our kids.

The ribbons on the tree are a nice touch.

Just a lovely glamour shot, Christmas edition.

Not weird at all.

“I couldn’t believe it when he came out of the closet…in that fabulous Christmas onsie.”

The truest-to-real-life Christmas card I have ever seen.

There’s a Soprano family holiday special hitting the small screen?

‘Cuz the PJs made me look fat.

Not even the finest photographer in L.A. could wipe the awkward out of this crew.


Because nothing says Merry Christmas more than weapons, violence and an overweight man that parents lie to their kids about.

This one just warms my heart, leaving me with insomnia for at least 3-weeks straight.

Are those beauty pageant stashes? How clever and festive!

These kids won’t have sexually confusing thoughts at all.

The original holiday card nip slip!

And a fra-de-frickin-la-la-la-la to you too!

May your holidays be filled with bad gifts, drunk uncles with innapropriate jokes, and wardrobe malfunctions!

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