Review: BabyHome’s Emotion Stroller Deserves Top Marks

There are so many strollers to choose from on the market today.  How are we supposed to know what will be a good stroller for our family without trying out a half dozen of them to make our decision?

I have had the opportunity to try out a handful of strollers in the past year or so and have come up with seven standard questions that I ask myself when I am looking for the stroller for our family:

1)      Do we need a single or a double stroller?

2)      Does it need to be compatible with an infant car seat?

3)      Do we need it to be lightweight and compact or does size really matter?

4)      Will my child be able to use the stroller for a short period of time or can it be used for a number of years as he/she grows?

5)      Does it have the storage capacity that we need?

6)      Does my child seem comfortable in it?

7)      Am I comfortable when pushing the stroller?


Using the above list, I recently tested out the BabyHome Emotion Stroller.  My husband offered to take the stroller out of the box and put it together…little did I know that it was already put together with the exception of having to snap a couple of tires on.  It was basically, pull it out of the bag and voila!  The BabyHome Emotion is an eye-catching stroller that is unbelievably lightweight.

Baby C SleepingThe Emotion stroller is a single seat stroller that can be used from birth to 55lbs (adaptors need to be purchased separately to install your infant car seat).  The stroller feels narrow and compact, and the seating area for my daughter was nice and cozy…probably why she was able to fall asleep easily when the seat was reclined.  The reclining feature was easy to use with just a flip of a little button, the seat can recline to up to 150 degrees.

When pushing the Emotion stroller, the one-piece handlebar made it easy to maneuver.  I do wish that the handlebars were adjustable to be more ergonomically appropriate for my height (5’9”) and my pregnant body, but when I pushed it using one hand and walking to the side, it seemed to be a pretty smooth ride for my daughter and for me.

cupholder+emotionThe Emotion Stroller has a large storage compartment underneath the seat and we were impressed that the stroller came with a drink holder as many strollers don’t.  And as another bonus, the stroller comes with rain cover and a mosquito net.  Now that’s pretty awesome because usually you have to buy that stuff as add-ons.  Click here to see the other accessories available.

Not only is the Emotion stroller easy to lift due to the lightweight aluminum frame, it is one of the smallest strollers that I have seen when folded up.  I did have to use two hands to fold it up, but it was so compact that if I still had my Toyota Matrix, I could probably fit two or three of these in my tiny little hatchback.  If you are travelling, this is the perfect stroller – it could fit into your suitcase – no joke!  And you probably wouldn’t have to pay any extra baggage fees because it’s only 15lbs!

When you are selecting your Emotion stroller to purchase, you can pick from a number of fun colors – purple, green, red, etc.  We chose the sand/grey color and it looks pretty sharp.

What do you think of the BabyHome Emotion Stroller?

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