Beautifying Our Kids: How Far is Too Far?

Sure, we all like our kids to look cute. But how far is too far?

Hollywood provides the perfect platform to see how some parents think it’s perfectly harmless – and even fun – to beautify their children.

Exhibit A: Kim Kardashian.

The famous newlywed is making headlines again — this time because of her latest parenting decision. Looking posh and perfect as always, the reality star, 33, was recently seen toting her 1-year-old daughter who was sporting bling on her ears. Yes, North West just got her ears pierced.

Kim Kardashian shows off her massive diamond wedding ring while carrying baby North in New York City

Needless to say, the Twitterverse quickly reacted to the diamond studs in Nori’s ears.

British TV personality Katie Hopkins took to Twitter to voice her (strong) opinion about Kim’s parenting decision.

But baby Nori isn’t the only celebrity tot to get her ears pierced. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen pierced her daughter Vivian’s ears at the age of 8 months. Hilaria and Alec Baldwin shared an Instagram photo of their then 7-month-old baby girl, Carmen, sporting jewels in both ears. Jennifer Lopez‘s daughter Emme was also seen with pierced ears as a baby.

***EXCLUSIVE***Actress Jennifer Lopez beams, as she gets a visit from her daughter Emme on the set of her latest movie, "The Back-Up Plan"

In my own social circle, I’ve noticed that piercing a baby’s ears is usually a cultural thing. Although I have many Italian friends who’ve pierced their baby’s ears, I’m not a fan. Can’t we wait until our daughter’s ask for their ears to be pierced?

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite celeb tots who’ve been ‘beautified’ by their parents. Is this harmless fun, or sending the wrong message?

  • Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham attempts to wax daughter’s unibrow:

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is giving young moms a bad name!

The reality TV star, 23, caused quite a controversy after blogging about her plans to wax her then 3-year-old daughter Sophia‘s eyebrows.

In the blog, Farrah – who has gone through several cosmetic surgeries – said her daughter “freaked out” when she put a dab of wax on her eyebrows. As a result, Farrah plucked her preschooler’s brows with tweezers while she was asleep.


Despite criticism, the MTV star stood by her decision, claiming she was “helping” her daughter’s appearance.

“People just kept commenting on a unibrow,” the young mom defended her decision with Good Morning America. “I was like, ‘Maybe I am letting it go too far.’”

After undergoing a breast augmentation in 2011, Farrah later had a $16,000 rhinoplasty and chin implant.

“Cosmetic surgeries to me, are something that is way different from plucking your eyebrows,” Farrah said to ABC News when asked about her possible obsession with physical appearances.

The reality star further defended herself via Twitter. “Unibrows are not sacred! Do the right thing tweeze no matter what age,” she wrote.

In my humble opinion, one would hope your own mother would be your biggest fan — not encouraging you to be a sheep in the crowd.

Nothing like giving your kid a complex — all before she even hits kindergarten!

  • Suri Cruise struts her stuff in heels & makeup:

The 8-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie HolmesSuri Cruise, has become quite the mini fashionista in Hollywood.

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Visit Tom In Sevilla!

At first, we noticed that Suri would often step out without a coat in cold weather. Weird, but maybe she’s just a super hot kid?!

Then came the heels!

Katie has addressed the heels by saying, “She, like every little girl – she loves my high heels.”

And Tom has admitted that it’s a struggle to get a jacket or pants on their “girlie girl.”

“Listen, I believe that she (should wear) whatever she wants to wear,” Tom said. “She dresses herself. I want to encourage her creativity and her own self-expression. I think that’s important for the child’s own identity.”

The Risky Business star went on to say that Suri is “so sweet” and that it’s “hard to say no” to her.

But possibly the most shocking of all was when Suri was spotted carrying a cosmetics bag and wearing makeup — and she was only 3.

I feel that primping and prepping a preschooler to look like a young adult is a bad idea. Period.

But if I was a high-profile parent, I’d be even more concerned about putting my daughter at risk of the super creepy people of the world.

And not to mention, there’s plenty of time for heels and makeup. You’re only a kid once — embrace and enjoy this short period with mud puddles, grubby clothes and playtime!

  • Kingston Rossdale dyes his hair & gets a mohawk:

We all know that Gwen Stefani loves her platinum blonde hair.

But apparently the Spiderwebs singer also wanted her then-2-year-old son Kingston Rossdale to have uber golden locks.

In the olden days, we gushed over the adorable pics of Kingston’s natural blonde curls. But then came the shaved sides with dyed mohawk that had all of us shouting, ‘Nooooo!’ As Gwen proudly toted her then 2-year-old son, he sucked on a pacifier and rocked his new rockstar ‘do.

And the dye jobs have not stopped! At age 5, Kingston sported a bright blue mohawk. And at the age of 6, he had new blue streaks in his longer hair.

It's a Punk Rock 4th for Kingston Rossdale

Are Gwen and Gavin trying too hard? Isn’t this a bit too early?

As an adult who chronically colors my hair, I am proof that it does its damage. Surely it isn’t recommended to start the dye jobs so early in life?

  • Angel Brown’s straightened hair & mohawk:

Kingston Rossdale isn’t the only celeb tot rockin’ a primped ‘n prepped ‘do!

Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown’s daughter Angel Brown was spotted with her very own mohawk at the tender age of 2.

*EXCLUSIVE* Mel B's daughter Angel Iris is sporting a new mohawk

We’re not sure of the method, but we noticed that the Spice Girl also straightened the hair that Angel had left.

We’re all about being gender inclusive, but we’re not sure if Mel B got this one right.

  • Princess Tiaamii wears fake eyelashes, makeup & straightens hair:

Not only are her career options limited, then 2-year-old Princess Tiaamii, the daughter of British stars Katie Price and Peter Andre, was also being told how to look.

Most of us have seen Princess’ gorgeous blonde curls. It seems that mom didn’t think they’re the right look for her young tot. Check out this picture of Princess sporting a much different look after Katie took her hair straightener to those golden spiral curls.

And did we mention the makeup and the fake eyelashes?


Papa Pete let the public know that Princess’ Tammy Faye Baker look did not pass by his approval.

Just a word to Katie: If you’re trying to upset your ex, you’re doing a fine job. But maybe try the age-old methods of drunk dialing, a fake pregnancy or a staged run-in after a trip to the hair salon.

Does Princess really need to be included in your plots for revenge?

What’s the worst beauty regime for children?

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