Boys With Long Hair: Yay or Nay?

Long story short: some people don’t like little boys sporting long hair.

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has the internet abuzz over some sweet shots of her long-locked 2-year-old son Skyler.

In a cute photo posted via Instagram earlier this month, The Rachel Zoe Project star shared a shot of Skyler in striped pajamas, showcasing his beautiful blue eyes and long curly hair. “Talk about bed head! xoRZ” the proud mom, 41, captioned the image.



One commenter posted, “I guess you wanted a daughter.” Another sniped, “Cut his hair. He looks like a girl.” While another wrote, “Boy? really! OY!”

In another Instagram photo, Skyler rocked a fedora, denim overall shorts and fringed booties. One commenter wrote, “Poor boy:( Wearing girly shoes.”


And it’s not just Instagram fans who are noticing Skyler’s long locks and boho-chic style.

On Celebrity Baby Scoop, some readers have said Skyler could “easily pass for a girl,” adding that he is a “pretty boy.”

Rachel Zoe Shopping With Her Son Skyler

Another reader wrote: “I think when you can easily put your boy’s hair into a ponytail it is time for a cut. I love seeing this little boy. She even admitted on her show that he looks like a girl but is all boy esp with his trucks and cars and being aggressive playing with them. Keep it long, but trim it up a bit, he is such a beautiful happy child but he needs a little cut. His hair is longer than his daddy’s.”

Skyler goes for a solo flight


Sound Off: Do you think it’s OK for boys to have long hair?

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