Review: Bravado’s Signature Collection Nursing Bra Is Crazy Comfy And Yet, Sexy

With the Fall season here and Winter months upon us, many expectant moms are gearing up for the birth of their new arrivals – from setting up the nursery, pre-washing all the baby clothes, and that last-minute nesting stuff.  Oh, and can’t forget packing the hospital/birthing bag.

And while we, expectant mamas, have all those other things to think about and prepare for, we also have to prep our own wardrobe for our upcoming arrival.

I am currently 37-weeks pregnant and since I’m having my babies so close together, I have been wearing my nursing bras that I bought for my first baby throughout my second pregnancy.  I have three that are the same style – the underwire kind – and were pretty comfortable – or so I thought!

I have recently received the Bravado Signature Collection Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra and am not looking back!

Bravado Signature Collection Nursing Bra

I’ve never been one to have colored bras but this time I stepped out on a limb when I ordered this Body Silk Seamless Nursing bra – I ordered the Jacquard Pattern in Jungle Rose.  Sounds pretty fancy doesn’t it?

When the non-underwire bra arrived in the mail, I was excited and a little nervous because like I said, I’ve never really had colored bras…and it was bright pink.  After pulling the colorful bra out of the package, I was also a little unsure that it was going to fit as most pregnant ladies know, your ta-tas grow like double the size!  But, once I tried it on, I felt my whole body relax because it fit like a comfortable glove that I never wanted to take off…and it was supportive too.  To top it all off, I actually quite like the Jungle Rose color…perhaps I’m going to have to add some more color to my undergarment collection.

Bravado foam cupsThe Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra comes with two removable foam cup inserts that will help keep your nipples hidden and your nursing pads discreet.  The nursing clips are easily snapped open and closed with one hand for ease of use as well.

Although the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra has ‘nursing’ in the name, it can be used as a bra that expectant ladies can wear while pregnant and after you are done breast-feeding your little one.  The bra is made mostly of nylon and has a little spandex in there to help expand or contract as your breast-size changes.  As a bonus, a Bra Conversion Kit is included with your bra package.  If you so desire after your nursing adventure has come and gone, you can convert your Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra into a Body Silk Seamless Bra by exchanging the clips and making a few snips here and there.

So far, I’m enjoying my new Bravado Signature Collection Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra and know it’s going to be a lovely addition to my post-natal experience.

I had better make sure I pack it in my hospital bag!

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