Brooklyn Mom & Newborn Found Dead Days After C-Section

How did this happen?

At 11 days postpartum, Marjorie Lyons and her newborn son were found lifeless in their Brooklyn, NY home, NBC reports.

According to her family, the new mom was prescribed painkillers for pain after her C-Section birth, but they had been making her feel drowsy. When they went in to investigate, Marjorie was dead in her bed on top of the lifeless baby boy.

Marjorie’s father, Douglas Lyons, told reporters that her brother found her 6-year-old twin daughters still at home at about 10 a.m. Thursday, when they were supposed to be at school.

When he went to investigate, he found Marjorie’s lifeless body on top of the newborn baby boy.

“He rolled her over off the baby and then he realized that she was cold and the baby was turning purple, so he ran outside to try to get 911,” Lyons said.

According to police, the baby was unconscious but alive when the ambulance arrived; he was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Lyons said his daughter had been home from the hospital after giving birth, but had recently returned due to persistent fever and pain from the C-Section. She was prescribed oxycodone, but had been complaining that it was making her feel sleepy.

“It helped to kill the pain but it was making her too drowsy,” Lyons said.

What a terrible tragedy! What went wrong?

Marjorie’s death could have been related to her pain medication, her C-Section surgery, or maybe an infection or some other health complication? All we know for sure is that she was experiencing extreme pain within days of giving birth and was prescribed strong medication.

How long will it take before all mothers receive essential postpartum care?

To the family and friends of Marjorie Lyons, we are keeping you in our hearts and we send our deepest condolences. We can only hope that Marjorie and her son’s death are a huge wake-up call.

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