Canadian Woman Desperately Seeks A Home For Daughters

A mother’s love knows no bounds.

Due to her severe physical disabilities, a Canadian woman is unable to care for her children and is desperately seeking a home for her two daughters.

Sarah Vibert – who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008, and suffered a non-traumatic spinal injury that left much of her body paralyzed in 2009 – can no longer care for her growing girls, aged 8 and 9.

Unfortunately, Vibert is in an impossible position: find another family for her daughters or hand over guardianship to the province.

“It upsets me because they are the sweetest little girls and to see them dumped into a foster system that is giving me options of all-or-nothing is unreasonable,” Vibert tells Global. “I’m just hoping there’s someone out there looking for two little girls that need a home,” she says, adding that ideally she’d like to still see them as often as possible and have a say in matters such as their education.

The distraught mother adds: “They’ve made a lot of friends, and now that they have nowhere to go, they’re afraid of being separated. They’re afraid of not having a home.”

Following this television appearance, Vibert received an overwhelming response from the community.

To read Vibert’s full story, check out her blog, asking her community to step up and help with her daughters…

“Help Me Find Emma and Emily a Home!

My name is Sarah and I live in Edmonton, Alberta. I have two extra-ordinary daughters (aged 8 and 9) whom have been handed a rough time due to life’s unpredictable circumstances.

Almost three years ago, I was placed into long-term care due to Multiple Sclerosis, as well as a non-traumatic spinal cord injury. Until entering my care facility, I had always been their primary caregiver; and this despite the fact I was in a wheelchair since 2009, I was able to provide for their needs–both physically and emotionally. This changed in 2011 when they had to be handed over to their abusive and highly negligent father, who would later state he had “been forced” to take over their primary care, of which he accuses me of having ruined his life.

Since his arrival to Canada in 2007, he has been unemployed about 95% of that time, turning down jobs he’d consider menial, in favour of living off the government welfare system. Instead of flourishing, the girls stagnated in his care and regressed academically and maturity-wise. Their father is mentally ill with paranoid personality disorder, among other psychiatric disorders and refuses to seek treatment.

Their dad left the country in the first days of June, 2013 and after the first few months, the girls no longer wanted anymore contact with him, due to the stress it was causing them, as well as his constant lying and threats towards myself and the family they are now living with. With no signs of returning and with no interest in looking after the best interest of his daughters, this constitutes child abandonment which, under normal circumstances would be a blessing, since those whom know him, including several agencies, consider him an unfit father. However, the girls are now left with nowhere to go.

Add to this that he has never offered their host family, or myself any child support or financial compensation, nor made any significant efforts to fulfil his duties as a father. The family currently caring for them gets minimal assistance from the government. Unfortunately, this family they have since been living with can no longer keep them, due to personal issues within their own family. It was never supposed to be a permanent arrangement, in fact, it was only supposed to be a few months; but the the father abandoned them with this family.

I now have less than two weeks to find them a home before having to resort to placing them into the foster system. I have tried adoption agencies (I am willing to consider either private guardianship, open adoption, a kinship placement through the foster system or any other arrangement that will allow my girls to feel that they are no longer living in limbo. They are 15 months apart in age and the number of times they have been separated can be counted on my hand, with some fingers left over.

From what I’ve been told, if I turn them over to children’s services, I will lose my rights as a parent and they will no longer have access to their mother. As things stand, they visit me 3-6 times per week. I’m aware that I likely won’t have as much access if they are able to find a new family, but with the foster system probably turning their young lives upside down and being forcefully removed from both their guardian and mother’s care, they will lose the one remaining anchor of stability that they have.

I now cry myself to sleep at night with thoughts of what kind of future they might have to face. These girls have been through enough and don’t need more trauma in their lives. Their wonderful behaviour and disposition which they learned since birth will likely be crushed within a few weeks if placed in the wrong environment.

Is there anyone out there with room in their home and space in their hearts, who would be able and willing to offer these two a home?

PS: If you have read this far, kudos for taking the time to listen.

Please share this message with anyone you know, especially those living in Alberta. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (among others) are a great way to pass the word. Mention it to your friends and co-workers; never underestimate the power of networking! If necessary, I’d happily consider other cities, especially if it means a good family is willing to offer them a forever home.”

If you live in the Edmonton area and would like to help, please go to Vibert’s blog for contact information.

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