Review: Carousel Designs Assists In Creating Your Perfect Baby Nursery

When you are pregnant with your baby you may find that you get a little excited to decorate your new arrival’s nursery.

Was it something that you have thought about for years and already have all the colors, decorations and prints picked out and ready to go?  Or was it something that you feared because your decorative skills are not as great as you’d like them to be?

I know for me, because I was intimidated with the thought of decorating I acted like I didn’t really care about decorating the nursery for my first born.   So Grandma did it and I was really glad she did.

We went shopping to one of the go-to baby stores in our city and just basically picked a few items off the shelves and hoped they looked ok when we got home.

carousel-designs-organic-geometric-crib-bedding(0)Had I known about Carousel Designs when we were shopping for our baby bedding and other nursery items, things would have been much different.  I’m pretty sure I would have been a much more active participant in the nursery decorating.

Let me share with you why.

Carousel Designs, a boutique design company in the U.S., has been specializing in baby bedding for over 25 years.  Because they have kept their production lines on home soil rather than overseas, Carousel Designs can offer parents-to-be a unique service by allowing them to customize and visualize their nursery using the online Nursery Designer tool.

The Nursery Designer tool lets you add in the color of your walls, the color of you crib, and even the color of your floors so that when you are mix and matching fabrics to create your own unique baby bedding or toddler bedding, you can get a sense of whether or not it suits your style and satisfaction.

How cool is that?  Makes me wish that we had another bedroom in our townhouse so that I could decorate!  The next time I am decorating a baby’s room or re-decorating, I am definitely taking advantage of Nursery Designer tool.

Carousel Designs has recently added an online Drape Designer tool as well allowing you to visualize and customize your window coverings.

carousel stella-ikat-toddler-bedding_mediumAside from all the cool designer tools mentioned above, I’ve had the opportunity to prep my 14-month old daughter’s bed with the 4-piece Stella Ikat Toddler Bedding…I know it’s a little early, but I wanted to see how it looks.

The Solid Butter bottom fitted sheet fit perfectly on our regular sized crib mattress (28” x 52”) and looked very welcoming with the matching Solid Butter top sheet and pillow. I don’t know the exact thread count of the sheets, but they are as soft as the sheets that I have on my own bed.  With the double sided comforter – one side is the Chevron pattern and the other side is the Ikat design – on top, I totally wanted to jump into the bed and have a nap…if only I was confident that our toddler bed would hold pregnant ol’ me!

Carousel Designs has a number of celebrity fans such as Mario and Courtney Lopez, Selma Blair, Beverley Mitchell, and Ivanka Trump to name a few.

If you are planning to decorate your nursery and/or re-decorate your toddler’s bedroom, be sure to visit Carousel Designs at

About Carousel Designs:
For more than 25 years, Carousel Designs has created the most gorgeous crib bedding collections from the highest quality fabrics. With two former West Point classmates, Jonathan Hartley and Allan Sicat, at the helm, the company has continued to manufacture their product domestically.  This has allowed them to maintain their impeccable standards and attention to detail and give new and expectant parents unbelievable flexibility when it comes to decorating their nursery.

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