Pro-Gun Children’s Book: “My Parents Open Carry”

We all know the benefits of reading to our kids — but not all storybooks are created equal.

In one of the worst children’s books in history, pro-gun propaganda and Second Amendment rights is the storyline in My Parents Open Carry.

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Do you even know what ‘open carry’ means? I didn’t either, until I discovered this handy new picture-book that helps parents explain to their kids why they tote their deadly weapon all over town.

In the children’s book, 13-year old Brenna wants to know why her parents open carry firearms everywhere they go — yes, even to the bookstore.


As stated in the book, “Open carry can deter a crime, it’s a faster draw, and it’s more comfortable in the summer when we wear lighter clothing.”

According to their official website, the picture-book “reflects the views of the majority of the American people,” and was written because the authors Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew “fear our children are being raised with a biased view of our constitution and especially in regards to the 2nd Amendment.”

Order your copies today! The new book is being touted as a “unique kid’s book [that] will be treasured for years to come.”

Nothing savvier than finding a niche and marketing it. Before writing the “wholesome” piece of literature, published by White Feather Press, the authors said they couldn’t find any pro-gun children’s books on the market.

Some of the praise for this pro-gun children’s book include:

  • “Outstanding, outstanding…every person should buy 5 copies of this book. Very well done…I believe long overdue.” James Towle, Host–American Trigger Sports Network.
  • “I love it…boy does this fill a vacuum!” Alan Korwin,
  • “Love the book.” Mark Walters, Host– Armed American Radio
  • “Wow we have two geniuses…” “The book by Jeffs and Nephew makes me proud…” “a wholesome children’s book on the joys of having parents carrying guns openly.” J. Hood
  • “Delicious.” Doug Giles, Author and Host–Clash Radio
  • “Very good message in this book.” Jules Arnold–Sons of Liberty Riders
  • “Loved it, I ordered a copy for our school’s library” John Roshek, Founder–Citizens League for Self-Defense.

On the other hand, children’s book editor and publisher, Elizabeth Law, took to Twitter with her disapproval of the book.

Poking fun at the pro-gun propaganda, Law goes on to tweet:

So what do you think? Are you hoping to teach your kids about their Second Amendment rights with this handy new book? Will you be rushing out to your local bookstore for this “wholesome” piece of literature?

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