Damage Control? Jenny McCarthy Is Now “Pro-Vaccine”

Damage control for Jenny McCarthy?

The former Playboy Playmate has been very public about her belief that vaccines play a role in causing autism, even though the link between the two has been debunked time and again.

Jenny has said that vaccinations “stole” her child and caused his autism.

“Before the vaccination, he was huggy, lovey, snuggly,” Jenny said. “Then it was like someone came down and stole him.”

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But in a Chicago Sun Times op-ed published Saturday, The View cohost wrote that she’s “pro-vaccine,” claiming she’s been “wrongly branded as ‘anti-vaccine.'”

“This is not a change in my stance nor is it a new position I have recently adopted,” she wrote. “I’ve never told anyone to not vaccinate.”

“My beautiful son, Evan, inspired this mother to question the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy of the recommended vaccine schedule,” Jenny added. “I embarked on this quest not only for myself and my family, but for countless parents who shared my desire for knowledge that could lead to options and alternate schedules, but never to eliminate the vaccines.”

“I believe in the importance of a vaccine program,” she continued, “and I believe parents have the right to choose one poke per visit.”

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Sorry, but we can’t help but notice the polarizing quotes over the years. Is this new “pro- vaccine” stance simply damage control after the recent online backlash?

Last month, Jenny faced harsh criticism when she asked her 1.13 million Twitter followers a simple question: “What is the most important personality trait you look for in a mate? Reply using #JennyAsks.”

Big mistake.

The replies, as one might imagine, were not kind. “Somebody who gets that refusing vaccines because of ‘toxins’ and then shilling for e-cigs makes you a pathetic hypocrite,” one user replied. Another person said, “Someone who doesn’t spread false info causing disease.”

The mom-of-one waited a few days to respond to the backlash, tweeting, “Thank you to all the haters who tweet my name. You make my Q SCORE higher and higher. It’s because of you I continue to work. Thank you!”

Even though Jenny’s voice over the years has caused panic for thousands of parents – and global outbreaks of measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and whooping cough increased since her initial anti-vaxxer comments – I guess the bottom line is that she is changing her stance.

What do you think of Jenny’s recent “pro-vaccine” comments? Damage control? New and enlightened stance?

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