New Moms Create Empowering Photo Series

What a wonderful Valentine’s Day campaign!

After HerScoop published an empowering photo series, titled Stop The Mommy Wars, a group of new moms in Calgary, Canada got inspired to broaden the message.

In the spirit of love and acceptance, Mommy Connections shared their own photos, encouraging women to support one another through the transition into motherhood.

“We are a group of mostly first time mothers. We don’t know everything and some days we feel like we don’t know anything,” Mommy Connections writes. “Each one of us has a different style of parenting. None of our children are exactly alike. And our cultures/beliefs are all unique. But the one thing we do share is the deep love we have for our children.”

As it turns out, our Mommy Wars message really spoke to this group of new moms.

“This Valentine’s Day, our Mom & Baby groups wanted to share a special Valentine’s message for mothers. After reading a post from HerScoop called ‘Stop The Mommy Wars,’ we too wanted to show our support for moms everywhere.”

Spread the love, sisters, and enjoy this new empowering photo series.

Mom-Affirmation-Sign Mom-Affirmation-5 Affirmation-4 Mom-Affirmation-2

To see more photos and continue reading their pro-mommy message, head over to Mommy Connections

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