Sex-Ed Curriculum Shames Tweens Into Abstinence

Most parents would agree that they don’t want their tweens having sex.

That being said, many parents understand that sex education empowers their kids with knowledge and self-protection skills should they choose to engage in sexual activity.

However, if you live in the Canyon Independent School District of Texas, your tweens will be getting a very biased opinion of premarital sex. In fact, they will be shamed into keeping their virginity.

Worksheets from the sex education curriculum being used in this school district were recently leaked on Twitter. The overall message that teachers are expected to relay to both their female and male fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students is shocking.

The worksheets boldly state: “People want to marry a virgin, just like they want a virgin toothbrush or stick of gum.”

Rather than teaching tweens about safe sex (or even how to say no), the worksheets say that having sex can be “physically, emotionally, and financially harmful” and youth should treat their bodies like “locks, fences, and stop signs.”

Do these ‘educators’ truly think they are teaching children? Guilt trips and shaming are best kept for poor parenting strategies. When it comes to educating our children, we need to relay truths and facts. Period. What are these educators thinking?!

Not only are they guiding our kids with guilt, they are scaring them into thinking sex, and their raging hormones, are shameful.

Yo educators in the Canyon Independent School District of Texas: kids are horny, so why not empower them with truth! Stick with the facts (a.k.a. science) and leave your judgements and guilt trips out of the education system!

What do you think about this form of teaching our kids about sex-ed?

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