How To Talk To Your Daughter About Her Body

Monday mantras, anyone?

Fake It Till You Make‘ it is one of my all-time favorite personal mantras.

‘Reframe and Renew’ is another one. Let me explain.

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Although most of us are our worst critics, it’s important to reframe (or re-train) our inner-judge, leaving room for healthier thinking and positive body image and self-esteem.

What woman growing up in today’s society doesn’t need this!?

With the recent shenanigans of Miley Cyrus, let’s talk to our daughters about finding our power within our souls….and not with our physical beauty. Let’s look at how we can reframe our words around our daughters.

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How to ‘Reframe and Renew’ when talking to our daughters about their bodies:

When talking about weight

  • Don’t say: “You’ve lost some weight,” or “You need to lose some weight,” or “You’ve gained some weight.”

Instead, don’t mention her weight. Ever.

  • Say: “Your body is so strong!” or “You are looking so strong!” or “You’re looking so happy!” or “You’re glowing!”

When talking about yourself

  • Don’t say: “I’m so fat,” or “I’m counting my calories,” or “I’m on a diet,” or “I’m ugly,” or “I’m finally in a size 4.”

Instead, buy and cook healthy foods. And for the love of the goddess, only positive self-talk in front of your daughter!

  • Say: “Hot mama has hit the kitchen!” or “How yummy was supper tonight?” or “I’m feeling so strong these days!”

When talking about other women

  • Don’t say: “She’s so fat,” or “She’s ugly,” or “She’s got a smokin’ hot body,” or “I wish I had her body,” “She’s one cheesecake away from fat thighs.”

Instead, don’t ever talk about women’s bodies. Not a single comment. Ever.

  • Say: “She is such a nice person,” or “I really love her great attitude,” or “She is so much fun,” or “She is such a strong athlete.”

Bottom line: our daughters sponge up everything we say and everything we do.

So let’s teach them that regular exercise, healthy eating and positive body image is way more fun than negative self-talk and gossiping about others.

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Let’s teach our daughters about physical and mental strength; let’s teach them how to screw in a lightbulb and take out the garbage; let’s teach them how to shoot a soccer ball and throw a mean curve ball; let’s teach them that they do not need a man to complete them; let’s teach our daughters that our power does not lie within our physical appearance, but within our souls.

What are some of the ways you ‘Reframe and Renew’ with your kids?

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