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It Went Viral: Bride’s Father Pauses Wedding To Grab Stepfather

View Slideshow »»Co-parenting done right! A series of photos that show a father interrupting his daughter’s wedding to ask her stepfather to help walk her down the aisle have gone viral. And while the pics has moved millions, no one was … »» Read the article


Yay Or Nay? 6-Year-Old Boy Gets Cosmetic Surgery For His Ears

A 6-year-old boy underwent cosmetic surgery to fix his “elf ears.” Yay or nay? »» Read the article


Words to Live by: The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto

Read Dr. Brené Brown Parenting Manifesto and make a copy for your home. »» Read the article


Teaching Kids To Care: 5 Ways To Inspire Empathy

We’re taking a look at 5 ways to inspire our kids to have compassion and empathy. »» Read the article


Stop The Mommy Wars! 2 Celebrity Parents Slam Their Haters

Two different celebrity parents – Coco Rocha and Ryan Reynolds – are being criticized for their parenting skills. »» Read the article


It Went Viral: Girl Pleads For Her Divorced Parents To Get Along

From the mouths of babes! A Canadian girl pleads for her parents to get along after their divorce in this heartbreaking and wise viral video. »» Read the article


#StopAsking: Tyra Banks & Chrissy Teigen Discuss Fertility Issues

Models Chrissy Teigen & Tyra Banks urge people to #StopAsking women about their family plans, open up about fertility struggles. »» Read the article


Friday Funny: “I’m Not A Princess!”

Friday Funny: The latest YouTube sensation, Joanna, schools her dad on princess-hood. »» Read the article


#IStandWithAhmed: Ahmed Mohamed Says “This Isn’t My First Invention & It Won’t Be My Last”

The #IStandWithAhmed online campaign after 14-yr-old Texas boy interrogated & arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. »» Read the article


Amber Rose’s “Walk Of No Shame” Empowers Women Everywhere

In a viral new video, Amber Rose and Matt McGorry team up in Funny or Die’s “Walk of No Shame.” »» Read the article

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