Dying Dad Has Fake Wedding With Daughter

A Missouri man’s dying wish was to marry his daughter.


Battling COPD for years, Johnny presented his 10-year-old daughter Nakeol with a ring and fake wedding ceremony.

“His baby is the reason he has stayed alive this long,” Nakeol’s mother says in this CNN video.

Stating she is supposed to wear the ring until her wedding day, Nakeol’s mom explains it was “a ceremony that she would be faithful to the man she marries.”

Nicole says she dreams of having a ‘real’ wedding, “for when I’m, like, 20,” and the flower girl will wear her pretty dress.

Is this creepy or cute?

I think the ring is sweet, and promoting monogamy is great. And I ‘get’ the notion that a girl’s ‘first love’ is her dad. But why the ceremony?

This kind of reminds me of a purity ring — a ring placed on a young girl’s ring finger that signifies postponing sexual involvement until marriage.

While there was no mention of sexual abstinence in the above video, the ring almost states that Nakeol belongs to her father until another man does.

Or is it just me, and this is a deeply cute and touching ceremony?

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