Effective Parenting? One Dad’s Punishment For His 9-Year-Old

Tough love gone wrong?

A northeast Kansas dad created a stir along US Highway 36 last month.

After his 9-year-old son stole a video game console and games from a nearby home – which he later lied about – Richard Fulton made his boy stand on the side of a highway for two hours holding a sign that read, “I like to steal and lie about it.”

“He decided he wanted to steal some things that didn’t belong to him,” said Fulton. “I want him to understand this behavior will not be tolerated.”

The boy covered his face in embarrassment and shame of those passing by.

“I think it sucks,” said one passerby, Marshall Belzer. “He’s got a sign out there with that kid embarrassing that kid to death. It’s child abuse. I won’t put up with that for a poor kid or a dog.”

“We’ve had some people that have indicated they thought it was a good idea and that it may teach the kid a lesson,” said Raymond Hall, Wathena Police Chief.

“I think I’m doing the right thing,” said Fulton. “There is no rule book on parenting. Of course, if there was, I would buy it.”

Didn’t public shaming end in the days of the Scarlet Letter?! You know, in the 17th-Century!

I feel this father’s parenting style is cruel and emotionally abusive. By publicly shaming his son, he has created a world of distance between them. One can only imaging the future years of therapy for this kid — exploring his rage, anger, humiliation and feelings of betrayal by his own father.

Or is it just me?

In a world where kids have a nauseating sense of entitlement, and lack of hard work ethic, one might argue this father is doing his son a favor?

What do you think? Is this parenting style effective or cruel?

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