Review: Duux’s Baby Electronics Aim To Please The Modern Parent

Your new baby is on the way and you’re designing the nursery to look fabulous and modern.  That’s the fun part, right?

Aside from just the looks of your nursery, what about ensuring that the air quality is pure and safe for your little one?  Doesn’t sound as fun, does it?  Until now…

Duux has been storming the market by making stylish and functional baby products, but not the strollers, cribs, clothes, etc. – you know, the usual baby stuff we look for.  Duux makes anything electronic for babies from humidifiers, digital and video baby monitors, air purifiers, etc.  Parents love them because of their sleek style and usefulness.

Since I live in Canada and winters tend to be long, I chose to use the Duux Air Purifier in my 16-month old daughter’s room.  This will help keep the air pure of allergens and pollutants while she builds her immune system.

Duux Air Purifier1 I love the look of the Duux Air Purifier.  It’s simple and black which really matches almost anything in our nursery.   Because of its small size, the Air Purifier will fit on most crib-side tables and/or probably even a book ledge (just be aware of the cords, though!)

The soothing blue light feature on the air purifier is an added bonus – I think my daughter likes it for any nighttime wakings and I know that my husband finds it useful when he’s taking her to bed with the lights off.  And although the Air Purifier is practically silent, there is a faint humming sound to it that could be substituted for a white noise machine in the room.

We have yet to try out the aromatherapy oil tank on the Air Purifier, but if you’re looking to add a nice scent to the room, you can just add some essential oils to the dispenser and sniff away.

The Air Purifier is meant to clean the air in smaller rooms (up to 400 sq. ft.) and has a HEPA and carbon filter all-in-one to help absorb any dust and pollutants.

So far, the Duux Air Purifier is a great addition to our baby essentials and we look forward to adding some additional Duux items to our household.

To purchase a Duux Air Purifier, please visit

Duux mushroomAnd while you’re at it, be sure to check out the other Duux products – Baby Projector, Ultrasonic Air Humidifier, etc. – and add it to your holiday shopping list.

About Duux:
Duux designs products for parents, not for babies. Quality and reliability are important factors to be taken into account when choosing a baby monitor, bottle warmer, digital scale or other baby electronics. However, increasingly, design has an important role as well. Young parents tend to look out for trendy products that are attractive and eye-catching. That’s why Duux deliberately focuses on this aspect. As well as being extremely functional and reliable, our products are also highly fashionable.

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