Is Elizabeth Hurley’s Swimwear Line For Kids Too Sexy?

Bikinis on our babies?

Sure, girls aged 8-13 aren’t exactly babies anymore. But do we really need to sexualize them before they’ve even sprouted boobies?

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With the launch of Elizabeth Hurley‘s newest swimwear line for kids, one cannot help but wonder what our world is coming to.

The supermodel-actress – and single mom to 12-year-old son Damian – recently launched her range of children’s bikinis. And let’s just say she’s received some serious online backlash.

She went on to promote her new line of two-piece bathing suits for young girls.


The Austin Powers actress, 48, has an online shop with several child models showcasing her itsy bitsy bikinis.

On her website, the following Collette Bikini is described as “great for girls who want to look grown up.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.04.00 AM

Seriously, my bikinis cover more skin than this one!

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Is this really promoting sun safety?

And whatever happened to enjoying childhood? Why do parents feel the need to push adulthood onto their kids? What’s the rush?

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Not to mention, I hate to be Debbie the Downer here, but what about the creepy predators at the beach? It’s a sick world that we live in, and girls in bikinis isn’t much better than girls in beauty pageants dressed to look like mini-women.

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Call me a prude, but do we really need to push two-piece suits on our daughters? Let’s tell our girls to look up to female Olympic athletes in one-piece suits, not tween models in leopard print!

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What do you think? Is Liz’s line too sexy for girls aged 8-13?

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