Plus-Size Women Embrace #fatkini Power

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It’s summertime which only means one thing — dusting off our swim trunks.

And while many of us dread this time of year, there’s a new campaign urging women to embrace their curves in bikinis.

The #fatkini body awareness campaign is sweeping social media. Thousands of plus-size women are accepting their bodies and sharing shots via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Long gone are the days of fat shaming! The #fatkini hashtag is filled with inspiring photos of women in their two-piece bathing suits.

The movement aims to encourage self-acceptance and promote beauty and confidence for all shapes and sizes. The term ‘fatkini’ is largely credited to plus-sized fashion blogger-turned-swimwear designer Gabi Fresh, who started the viral campaign.


“Lose hate, not weight,” is the online slogan.

Thousands of plus-size women have joined in on the #fatkini campaign, showing of their curves with pride and empowerment.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.45.43 AM

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What do you think about #fatkini power?

Many are criticizing the new trend, saying that it promotes unhealthy living. While I’m a big believer in a healthy lifestyle, I’m an even bigger supporter of empowerment, acceptance and kindness. If even one woman is inspired to love and accept her body with this campaign, a good service has been done.

Not to mention, it’s GD refreshing to see some diversity! Female beauty does not only come in size 0. You go, girls

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Photo credit: Gabi Fresh/Twitter/Instagram

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