Review: Ergobaby’s Designer Collection Combines Style And Support For Maternal Health

Are you a baby-wearing mama?

If so, have you tried any of the carriers from Ergobaby?

I was recently gifted an Ergobaby Carrier and this would be the second Ergo that I have owned.  I really liked my original Ergo from the Performance Collection and so when I received my new Ergo, I was excited.

Ergo UmbaMy new Ergobaby Carrier is from the Designer Collection – Christy Turlington Burns in the Umba Print.  The carrier design of this Ergo is similar to the other original Ergo’s however, the unique pattern on the carrier makes it eye-catching.  The pattern was created by a small businesswoman and mom in Togo who used wooden blocks to design the blue and brown print.   The carrier is accented with bright orange on the straps and the hood as well as a brown leather strip along the hip strap.

This Designer Collection Ergobaby Carrier is a good fit for my body as well as my family’s.  Once we get the straps in the right positions, it’s comfy for me to carry my 16-month old daughter on my chest.  The carrier’s design spreads the child’s weight evenly between my shoulders and my hips so that I don’t have any straining issues. As my daughter gets bigger, I’ll have to experiment with the hip-carry and back-carry positions. (Ergobaby carriers can support babies between 7-45lbs.)

I also really like that the Ergobaby Carrier is designed to address my baby’s hip development by allowing her to be carried in a natural seated position.

Ergo Infant InsertSince I just gave birth to my second child last month, I decided to try out the Ergobaby Infant Insert with my carrier.  After following the instructions in the manual, I was able to get my infant wrapped and secured in the Infant Insert and placed in the Ergobaby Carrier.  It was a little awkward at first as it seemed like she was a rolled up into what looked like a waffle cone.  After my second time trying to use the Insert, I decided to look at the instruction video on the Ergobaby website and noticed a little trick that I had not been taking advantage of.  Once my babe was in the carrier, I could fold over the top part of the Infant Insert as well as fold out the sides of the insert.  This seemed to give her more padding around her neck/head and also made it nicer for me because I could see her and kiss her head easier.

I am still a little nervous having my brand new baby in any carrier, but am slowly getting over my paranoia.  I make sure to check that her breathing passage is open on a regular basis and it helps ease my mind.

My newborn likes to be held or carried a lot so having the Infant Insert is a great tool for keeping her calm while I tend to my toddler’s needs.

By having both the Ergobaby Carrier and the Infant Insert, I’m sure that we’ll be making good use of the carrier for the next few years.

BONUS: The Designer Collection Umba Print Ergobaby Carrier is a must-buy as 10% of the net sales of each purchase of this style of carrier goes to Christy Turlington Burns’ non-profit organization Every Mother Counts.  This exclusive partnership between Ergobaby and Every Mother Counts will help support EMC in the effort to end the pregnancy-related mortality rates of maternal women.

The Designer Collection by Christy Turlington Burns also has a matching diaper bag and designer hip/shoulder bag that a portion of the proceeds go towards supporting Every Mother Counts.

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