Gwyneth Paltrow Explains “Consciously Uncouple”

In Hollywood’s latest split, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced they have decided to “consciously uncouple” after 10 years of marriage.

Of course, the public reacted with a collective ‘WTF,’ followed by viral snickering.

Now one of the most trending topics on Twitter, people are using the hashtag #consciouslyuncouple to joke about everything from the poor weather, to work, to high-calorie treats, to binge-watching Netflix.

The Academy Award-winning actress has since taken to GOOP to clarify her statement.

She shared a 2,000-word article by the husband-and-wife doctor and dentist – Dr. Habib Sadeghi and Dr. Sherry Sami – to define the term.

“By choosing to handle your uncoupling in a conscious way, regardless of what’s happening with your spouse, you’ll see that although it looks like everything is coming apart; it’s actually all coming back together,” the couple (who are presumably consciously coupled) write.

“Divorce is a traumatic and difficult decision for all parties involved—and there’s arguably no salve besides time to take that pain away,” the spouses say. “However, when the whole concept of marriage and divorce is reexamined, there’s actually something far more powerful—and positive—at play.”

According to Sadeghi and Sami, high divorce rates are best viewed in the context of our “skyrocketing life expectancy.” They argue that social norms contradict people’s true needs.

“Our biology and psychology aren’t set up to be with one person for four, five, or six decades,” they argue. “The idea of being married to one person for life is too much pressure for anyone.”

What do you think about the term “consciously uncouple?”

Call me stupid, but isn’t this just a fancy phrase for, “We’re getting a divorce.”

Who knows what their issues are, but if the above article is any indication, it seems Gwyneth and Chris simply don’t want to be in a marriage anymore.

What do you think about Gwyneth’s fancy phrase, and the above article?

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