Facebook Etiquette: 5 Simple Rules For Not Annoying Your Friends

Is it just me, or do you feel like unfriending/blocking several of your Facebook friends quicker than you can say Zuckerberg?

Lord knows I love catching up with old pals, seeing their growing families, and stalking acquaintances of old and new. But I ask you to consider a few simple rules before posting on your wall (sorry, that’s ‘timeline’ for you hip kids out there).

Am I right or am I wrong? Enough already with the following 5 Facebook sins:

1. Stop with the dramatic posts, followed by little to no follow-up.

You know what I’m talking about. The “I can’t believe THAT happened….” or “WORST. DAY. EVER.” or “I’m praying it will all work out….”

I needn’t go on – you know the offenders. These are the victims who post these attention-grabbing statements, only to leave no reply or, “I’ll pm you with the details,” to the brown-nosers who say, “OMG, are you OK.”

2. We really don’t need to hear about the gastrointestinal ailments of your family.

It’s flu season. We’re all a little gassy. Must this information be privy to the public?

3. For the love of gawd, just 1 picture of your kid in any given pose.

People, we don’t need to see 10 photos of your kid at the fountain! Enough said.

4. Easy on the self portraits with your drunk pals.

We’ve all posted the duck face. Heck, it can take off years and hide ungodly facial features with the grainy, out-of-focus quality. But please don’t pull a Kardashian and post a self portrait every. single. time. you step out of the house.

5. Don’t invite me to play lucky slots or buy a cow for your farm.

So you enjoy gambling and farm animals. I’m not going to judge. But please don’t bring me down into your dark world with the incessant requests. Let the dream go — we won’t be canoodling with sheep together any day soon.

What’s the fiercest Facebook offense? Vote now, or it might remind me of the WORST. DAY. EVER…

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