The Facebook Status That Could End The ‘Mommy Wars’

Have the ‘mommy wars‘ officially ended?

A mom in Vancouver, Canada might have stopped the insanity once and for all with one simple act of kindness.

Local radio DJ named Tara Jean took her son and daughter to an indoor play center to escape the rain. While keeping up with her kids on the slides and mazes, Tara Jean saw a fellow mommy passed out cold.

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Yup, while her kids were running around the noisy indoor play area, the exhausted mother was fast asleep on the sidelines.

While many fellow moms might’ve sent out passive aggressive tweets – or even an embarrassing Instagram shot of the snoozin’ mom – Tara Jean took the high road and helped out a sister.

Instead of being snarky and judgemental, Tara Jean sent out the inspirational message via Facebook:

“Dear Exhausted Mother Who Fell Asleep On A Bench At “Fun 4 Kidz”…I got you. Your little girl was thirsty, I gave her water. She hit her head coming down the big purple slide, I gave her a hug. It’s been an hour since you fell asleep, I won’t leave ’til you wake up…hopefully rested and ready to face the weekend with the warrior-energy us mamas need to parent with a smile on our faces. ~ Mama Tara.”

That’s what I’m talkin’ about, sisters!

It really does take a village, and there are plenty of supportive mamas that just ‘get it.’ Three cheers to Tara Jean who stepped in and helped a perfect stranger in her time of need. Clearly, that mama was completely exhausted, and Tara Jean’s kindness and understanding kicked into full gear when she came across this situation.

Let this be an example to us all. Although it might seem neglectful to see a mom taking a nap while her kids are at play, try to tame the judgements. You’ll never know what that woman might be facing at home — kids who sleep poorly, marital problems, insomnia, family stress, health issues, the possibilities are endless.

So let’s keep the kindness going, sisters. No need for judgemental thoughts followed by negative rants over cosmos with your friends. When you see a fellow mama in need, judge not and simply help out. It’s that simple — thanks for the inspiration, Tara Jean!

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