Review: pediped Footwear Focuses On Quality, Comfort And Style

As a mom, how much thought did you put into what your children were wearing on their feet?  Were style and price a big factor when purchasing shoes?  What about the shoe’s quality?  Or did you care most about the benefits of the shoe for your child’s feet?

Although my daughter, 1, is still a crawler and seems to have no desire to learn to walk, I have been thinking a lot about the care of her little feet and what shoes will be best for her.  I am price conscious, however, I’m more into making sure my lil’ one has the best options available for her developing body.

I see some other toddlers wearing shoes that are hard-soled hi-tops to running shoes that look like they won’t bend at all.  The kids seem to be ok, but how are their little developing feet?

I’m not an expert but from what I understand, the best type of footwear for little feet is something that mimics bare feet.  Enter pediped®.


We had the opportunity to try out a pretty pair of pediped® shoes from the Originals line, and I loved them or shall I say, LOVE them.  The black Natasha’s are cute, well-made with high-quality leather, and created with a soft, flexible sole.  SS_NatashaBlackPattent_421Not only can my dear daughter wear them with many different outfits, she doesn’t make a fuss if her shoes are on for long periods of time.

Pediped® has a large selection of shoe styles for boys and girls and they also have different lines for children depending on their age or walking abilities.  The Originals is for pre-walkers or those just learning to walk, Grip’n’Go is designed for early walkers to those getting their confidence walking, and lastly the Flex line is for confident walkers.

SS_JonesGrey_1732With so many different styles to suit, I will definitely be shopping for pediped® shoes as my daughter’s feet grow.

Celebrity fans of pediped include Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tori Spelling, Trista Sutter, Pink, Jennifer Garner, Molly Ringwald, David Schwimmer, and Isla Fisher just to name a few.

If you are in the market for some back-to-school shoes, be sure to check out and pick up the latest styles.

Flex Maggie White Sydney Brown

Not only does pediped® create fabulous shoes, the company likes to give back to communities.

Since its founding in 2005, pediped® has been dedicated to enriching the lives of children. pediped® established the pediped® Foundation in 2010 to work directly with charities that are devoted to the health, education and basic needs of children around the world. Since its inception, the pediped® Foundation has donated nearly two million dollars in product and monetary support.

On July 24, 2013, pediped® launched ‘pediped® ♥ ‘s Schools’, a new, one-of-a-kind, giving campaign where participating schools will receive a check for 10% back on their total attributed purchases of pediped® Footwear. Each school can earn up to $10,000 per year.

Please visit to enroll your school today.

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