Feel Good Friday: Heartwarming Story Of Adoption Goes Viral

Feel good Friday!

Just when you thought no good could ever come from Facebook, a heartwarming story has emerged.

After being in the foster care system for 751 days, an American girl named Gina has been adopted.

A photo of Gina was shared on the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Facebook page, and due to the high volume and interest in the post, the site crashed!

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Not only that — Gina have been adopted!

Her mom posted updated photos of the sweet girl — meanwhile, we all have a restored faith in humanity.


We love this!

Gina’s mom went on to comment about the joyous adoption.

“Since Day 1, I know that God had Gina picked out for us. I was born to be her mother and she was always meant to be my daughter. I know that we lost pregnancy after pregnancy because Gina was waiting on me. We honestly cannot imagine our life without her […] We hope to always care for foster children. We hope to start building a bigger house next year to house a few more.”

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There are currently 399,548 children in the system across America. Some of those kids live in foster homes, some live in group facilities, and some age out of the system before they’ve been adopted.

For more information, visit the Dave Thomas Foundation.

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