Review: Itzy Ritzy Packs Function And Style In Their Eco-Friendly Pouches

Every parent prepares snacks for their kids especially when they are on-the-go.  And quite often, we use plastic bags or plastic containers to hold the little food bites, don’t we?

Well, what if we could carry the snacks in something eco-friendly AND stylish?

Let me introduce you to three attractive solutions to everyday parenting by Itzy Ritzy – the Snack Happens Mini Snack Bag, the Snack Happens Reusable Snack Bag, and the Travel Happens Zippered Wet Bag.

Until recently, I have been using plastic containers to tote around snacks for my 13-month old daughter and myself.  I didn’t really see anything wrong or inconvenient with the plastic containers except for the fact that they took up so much space in my bag.

itzy-ritzy miniI’ve started using the Snack Happens Mini Reusable Bag for snacks for my dear daughter.  The Mini bags are a good size for her right now because they carry just enough snackies to sustain her and yet, if she happens to dump some of the treats out, we don’t waste a ton of food.

I have also been using the Mini to hold a couple of snack bars for myself.  I used to lose the bars in the bottom of my purse and have to dig around looking for them.  Since using the Mini, I just take a quick peek in my bag and can spot the patterned pouch right away.

The Snack Happens Mini baby bags measure 7 inches x 3½ inches and are sold in packs of 2. They are made with an FDA approved, BPA-free, machine washable lining. These environmental friendly reusable baby and toddler snack bags are also lead free, phthalate free and CPSIA Certified.

itzy-ritzy_snack-happens_reusable-and-washable-snack-bag_sight-word-soupThe Itzy Ritzy Regular Snack Happens bags are a great size for larger snacks like a bunch of grapes, dry foods or sandwiches.   The mid-size pouch fits easily in my diaper bag and can hold snacks for me and for my babe.

I even used it to store my cell phone, credit card and keys when I went to the pool the other day.  It’s your multi-purpose washable and reusable bag that you can take anywhere.

The Regular Snack Happens bags measure 7 inches x 7 inches. All Snack Happens snack bags are available in a variety of designer fabrics, made with an FDA approved, BPA-free, machine washable lining. These environmental friendly baby and toddler snack bags are also lead free, phthalate free and CPSIA Certified.

itzy ritzy travel happensLastly, I have added the Travel Happens Wet Bag to my collection of functional Itzy Ritzy items.  It is a perfect stowaway item for the bottom of the diaper bag because you never know when you’ll need it to hold some dirty baby clothing or diapers.

After visiting the pool last week, I used the Travel Happens Wet Bag to hold onto my wet bathing suit and my daughter’s suit until we got home.  Once the bag is zipped up, you have no idea what’s inside – I couldn’t even smell the residual chlorine smell from the pool.  The wet bag seals really well so I had no worries of having any leaks in my diaper bag.

The Travel Happens Medium Zippered Wet Bags have a 100% cotton designer fabric exterior and a BPA-Free, PVC-Free lining that is thick, soft and unlike any other bag! The medium wet bags are 11-inches by 14-inches and come in a variety of designs.

I think it’s great that these three products can be used in my parenting arsenal for years to come.

Celebrity fans of Itzy Ritzy include Nicole Ritchie, Pink, Beverley Mitchell, and Jennifer Garner.

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About Itzy Ritzy:
Itzy Ritzy’s products show that parenting in style in possible. By packing function and style into one eco-friendly punch, Ritzy provides attractive solutions to everyday challenges.

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