Got Guilt? 4 Ways To Conquer Mommy Guilt

There’s no question that my third child watches way too much TV – that convenient babysitter – and I worry he’s not getting enough attention from me. Will his intelligence and future relationships be forever affected?

Got mommy guilt as well?

It’s easy for our (tired) thoughts to spiral into an internal dialogue of all the things we’re doing wrong as moms, so here are some quick tips on conquering mommy guilt and maintaining a sense of balance and self-awareness.

  • Don’t compare yourself or your children

Who wasn’t a better mother before they had kids?

And who doesn’t envy their friends who, seemingly effortlessly, whip up organic meals every night while you’re only cranking out Mac n’ Cheese and hot dogs for your picky eaters?

And just because Johnny started walking at nine months while your babe crawled for much longer, don’t waste your precious time and energy on needless worry. Instead, celebrate you and your childrens’ individuality.

  • Build on your strengths….yes, you have plenty!

Celebrate your unique skills. Your kids think you’re perfect just the way you are – and you feel the same about them.

Take a step back every once in a while amidst the busy-busy of everyday life and ask yourself, “Who am I and what are my unique skills?”

Instead of focusing on the negative, take the time to recognize all the things you do well. You might surprise yourself once you reframe your thought process toward the positive.

  • Celebrate you!

Once you have identified your skills and talents, utilize them!

Don’t forget the fabulous woman you are. It’s just as important to nurture yourself as it is to nurture your kids. And sometimes all-things mommy can be all-too consuming.

Perhaps a non-mommy related project is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Practice self-care

Do you take time to relax, meditate, carve out “me” time, eat well, exercise and have fun?

Go out with friends, read that fun gossip blog, enjoy a glass of wine!

The next time you’re feeling those pangs of guilt, try to take a little time for yourself. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of others?

Do you ever suffer from mommy guilt?

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