Camp Gyno: Hilarious New Tampon Ad

Advertisements for feminine hygiene products are rarely, if ever, hailed as smart, brave or hilarious.

Never mind refreshing! Which is exactly the praise pouring in for Camp Gyno, a frank and fabulous new ad for Hello Flo, a tampon delivery service.

Co-written and directed by Jamie Mccelland and Peter Marquis, the commercial racked up more than 2.4 million hits in less than two days. And it’s been going viral ever since.

“It was the beginning of summer and no one knew me at camp. I was just a big random loser,” says the ad’s sassy, young protagonist in the beginning of the video. “Then, things changed. I got my period. The red badge of courage.”

She then leverages her situation to give other girls advice, becoming known as the self-identified ‘Camp Gyno’ until Hello Flo boxes begin to arrive.

“It’s like Santa … For your vagina!” she rejoices, going on to use the word “vadge” while talking about her lady bits and this coming-of-age milestone.

Despite some criticism, most are celebrating this smart new campaign for young women.

I, for one, find it absolutely hilarious and am thrilled to see this refreshing new ad. I hope and pray this will be the end of cheesy feminine hygiene ads.

Can I get a hell yah, sisters?!

To see the adorable video, click below.

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