Heather McDonald’s Mommy Confessions: Too Much or Spot On?

Heather McDonald might be my new celebrity girl crush!

To promote her second book of comedic essays, My Inappropriate Life, the Chelsea Lately writer and star opened up to Us Weekly in a video blog about why raising three young children in southern California isn’t always glam.

“Most moms would never admit that they made a mistake and most moms would protect their children, but I am not most moms,” the 42-year-old After Lately personality said. “I have to sell a book and I’m very honest that I’m not a perfect mother.”

Wow, this is so refreshing to hear from a successful mom-of-three. After writing for Celebrity Baby Scoop for over 5 years, I can honestly say this is not a common quote from a high-profile mama.

In the follow-up to her 2010 debut, You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again: One Woman’s Painfully Funny Quest to Give It Up, the funny mom went on to say that her kids are not picture perfect either.

“But neither are my kids,” she added. “There are sometimes that I look at other kids and I wish that mine were like them, and I’m not afraid to say it. There’s times when my kids misbehave and I say, ‘Would you like to try and find another mother? Maybe one in India? I heard that they have some fun rocks to play with. And maybe Rashid would like to come here and play with your Xbox.'”

McDonald, who is one of eight writers on E!’s Chelsea Lately, went on to talk about that close bond between a mother and her son.

“Some people think I’m not a good mother because I tell my sons, ‘No woman will ever love you the way that I do.’ I think it’s a positive way to express your ownership over them,” she joked.

And she was sure to touch on the Super Moms out here.

“I think there’s a certain kind of mom that exists everywhere,” she said. “This is the mom that makes raising her kid everything. Maybe she’s left her job to stay at home with the kids so now she’s treating this 4-year-old as if it were a major corporation, and everything she does has to be perfect, and everything that is volunteered in the classroom has to be a certain way.”

She goes on the describe these moms as passive aggressive.

“They’re not my favorite kind of people to hang out with,” she admitted. “I like a mom that likes to drink, use bad language, and also admit that her kids aren’t that great either.”

I think I’ve found my soul mate! Heather, if you’re reading this, call me.

And the jokes kept flowing at her recent star-studded book launch.

“When you send your kids to a Catholic school it’s like having a bunch of little narcs running around the house,” she joked. “So my son goes, ‘You know what you should give up for Lent? It has to be something that’s really hard, something you have every day.’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ He’s like, ‘Chardonnay!’ And I’m like, ‘Well, God doesn’t want you to give up your medication,’ and he’s like, ‘Really? Well, God gave up his life! Jesus gave up his life — you can give up Chardonnay.'”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy her book ASAP.

I love that she holds nothing back! Frankly, the fine line of truth and humor in her ‘confessions’ stroke my mommy ego. I am definitely not perfect and neither are my kids. I think she does a great job at reminding us to laugh at ourselves, and to stop in the quest for mommy perfection.

Sure I’m a fan, but what do you think of McDonald’s mommy confessions?

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