#iamjada: Teen Reclaims Power After Sexual Assault


While she’s set launch a new fall show, Jada Pinkett Smith has another important matter on her mind.

The mom-of-two, 42, is raising awareness for sexual assault and talking about her participation in the online petition #justiceforjada. This trending campaign began after a 16-year-old Texan girl, also named Jada, was raped and further humiliated after photos showing her naked and unconscious went viral on Twitter.

If this wasn’t bad enough, pictures of the Texas teen’s body were being ridiculed under the hashtag #Jadapose.

But instead of being shamed by the sexual assualt and cyber bullying, the inspirational teen has taken to Twitter and reclaimed her power with her own hashtag, #iamjada.

The brave teen, who has waived her right to anonymity, said the assault occurred after her drink was spiked with Rohypnol (a.k.a. roofie) at a friend’s house party. Jada said she was unaware an assault had taken place until she saw the photos of herself that went viral via social media.


In a sign of solidarity, thousands of people are taking a stand against this outrageous display of online bullying and providing support after her terrible trauma.

“This could be you, me, or any woman or girl that we know,” Pinkett Smith wrote on Facebook. “What do we plan to do about this ugly epidemic? #justiceforjada.”

Over the weekend, Pinkett Smith spoke further about the issue that hits far closer to home than she initially let on.

“If you saw what I put on Facebook, you also saw that this could happen to any woman that we know and the unfortunate part is that my niece was given a date-rape drug that weekend,” the actress told Us.

Pinkett Smith added: “Thank god — she’s 20 — so thank god that nothing happened, because she was with some responsible guys that took care of her, and with three of her friends. She said, ‘oh my god I can’t feel my…’ she was losing consciousness. Thank god the people she was with put her in a room, closed the door, and she didn’t come to for three and a half hours.”

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  1. K. Gee

    i hate this happened to the little girl. one thing that just urks my brain is, when she saw the pics of her private area the day after the party why didn’t she go straight her mom and to the police? i mean, that was an indication right there SOMETHING happened to you, why wait until he posted the floor pic and the vid from that night, tagging your boyfriend 3weeks later…she couldv nipped this in the bud the very next day…hope all works out for her…


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