Is Justin Bieber Still Role Model Material?

Kids these days!

Looking every bit ready for a photo opp – and pretty pleased with himself – 19-year-old pop superstar Justin Bieber flipped up his hair in a red v-neck jail uniform and showed a big smile in his mug shot following his arrest early Thursday morning for DUI and drag racing.

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What’s so funny, Biebs? Breaking the law gives you the giggles?

Reportedly smelling “of alcoholic beverage,” the singing sensation “was not cooperative” at the scene.

And according to CNN, Bieber “made some statements that he had consumed some alcohol, and that he had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication.”

The Canadian singer is also under investigation for allegedly throwing eggs at a neighbor’s home in Los Angeles several weeks ago.

And not to mention his many marijuana scandals, the graffiti incident in Brazil, and his love troubles with on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

For me, the drinking, weed smoking and love drama comes with the territory for most teenagers. And egging someone’s house is par for the course — celebrity teen or not.

But smiling in a mug shot? A DUI? I just want to spank his little bottom!

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Of course, these things happen to non-celebrity teens as well, but one can’t help and notice the smug ‘I’m-an-untouchable-celebrity-and-can-buy-myself-out-of-this-mess’ attitude in his mug shot.

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Isn’t he aware of his role model status? Is this Belieber-approved behavior?

While that is annoying – and reeks of an elitest/entitled/above-the-law attitude – it’s the drinking and driving (speeding) that really makes my blood boil. It’s one thing to have little to no regard for your own life, but when you get behind the wheel of a high performance vehicle after smoking weed and drinking, that suddenly becomes everyone’s problem.

Know what’s even more disturbing? Millions of heartbroken ‘Beliebers’ have taken to Twitter with words of support and love for the disgraced pop star. Their heartache has dominated Twitter, with an outpouring of #prayforjustin and #staystrongjustin Tweets.

Ahhhhhhh, what if he had killed someone from impaired driving? Guess the Beliebers don’t quite care about that?

But we can’t just blame Biebs! Everyone from Miley Cyrus, to porn star-turned reality star Kim Kardashian, to singer Chris Brown, and even Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson have said and done some pretty questionable stuff. Yet, die hard fans refuse to look at the behavior, and continue to worship the celebrity.

Our obsession with celebrity culture has reached scary levels. From dressing children like adult celebrities, to supporting criminal behavior like Bieber’s DUI, it’s time to get a grip people!

Let’s stop giving celebrities so much praise and power! Let’s redefine positive role models for our kids.

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