Review: Kushies Keeps It Simple With A One-Stop Shopping Experience

As a new mom, I find it amazing how many baby products you end up using in the first year of a baby’s life.  And then you realize that you need more and more as your child grows.  I’m not a big shopper so having a convenient shopping experience (ie. one-stop shop) for my baby/toddler needs is a big plus in my books.  I have purchased some Kushies baby items from bedding to sunglasses and have recently sampled a few more of Kushies’ superior baby products – such as bath accessories, bibs and sleepwear – with my one-year old daughter.

Here is a recap of my recent experience with the following Kushies products:

Going Places Bath SquirtersBath Squirters and Anti-Slip Bath Appliques

Bath time is usually a fun time for most kids and my daughter just loves it.  Having only played with plastic containers in the tub the past months, she was elated to see the Kushies Going Places Bath Squirters floating in the water.  At first she was a little confused, but ended up batting them around watching the car and submarine bounce along the water for over 15 minutes.  Easy entertainment if you ask me!  She hasn’t quite figured out how to suck up the water and use the squirting feature of the bath toy yet, but I’m guessing within a few weeks she’ll be squirting everything around her, including mom!

Anti-Slip Bath Appliques

The next evening, I suctioned the Kushies Anti-Slip Bath Appliques along the bottom of my daughter’s tub.   As soon as she got in the water, she couldn’t keep her eyes and hands off of the adorable animals.  It was also hard for me to not look at them because they are so darn cute.  The brightly colored elephant, monkey and cow (at least, that is what I think they are) kept her attention while I cleaned her up.

As an extra bonus, the Squirters and the Bath Appliques are lead, BPA, phthalate, & cadmium free!  I appreciate that Kushies has products that can keep my daughter safe during bath time and still have fun.

Kushies Bib with Sleeves

Taffeta Waterproof Bib with Sleeves

With the many different styles of bibs available, my daughter had never used a bib with sleeves or a catch pocket.  We used the Kushies Taffeta Waterproof Bib with Sleeves the other day and it’s amazing how much more comfortable I felt encouraging her to eat and drink independently.  We just celebrated her 1st birthday and she had cake smeared all over her hands, face, and her Kushies bib.  The bib helped make bath time so much easier!

The catch-all pocket collects all the spilled water and food particles before it hits the chair and my babe’s arms stay clean too.  We have the Aussie style so it’s fun teaching her the names of the animals that she rarely sees in books such as the koala bear and kangaroo.

Another bonus to the Taffeta Waterproof Bib with Sleeves is that it is so easy to clean.  Basically just rinse off whatever food particles your babe has dropped and hang it up for the next feeding.  I’d like to get a few more of these to have in my diaper bag and to have an extra on hand.

Kushies Sleep Blanket


Sleep Blanket – Green Stripe

Too hot out for a sleeper and blanket but too cold for sleeping in just a shirt and diaper?  The Kushies Sleep Blanket has been a hit in my books for those warmer evenings and for naps.  The thin layer of cotton wraps around my darling daughter without smothering her and gives this mama the satisfaction that my little one is not going to freeze overnight.  I also really love the fact that the Kushies design has a chew-proof zipper feature near the top of the blanket.

Overall, I am very impressed with the variety and quality of products that Kushies provides.  The company is literally a one-stop shop for parents buying for their baby or toddler.

About Kushies Baby:
Based in Ontario, Canada, with U.S. headquarters located in Niagara Falls, New York, Kushies® creates and provides an innovative collection of quality baby products and accessories.  Trusted by moms since 1987, Kushies offers more than 350 superior baby products including stylish layette and playwear, washable diapers, the award-winning Kushies Zolo toy collection and a broad range of baby essentials.  The worldwide market leader in reusable cloth diapers and accessories, Kushies takes great pride in operating as a responsible company and as an environmentally concerned member of our planet.

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