Miracle Baby Born In The Philippines

More than 9 million people have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, according to the United Nations, and more than 660,000 have been displaced.

Amid the devastation, destruction and hopelessness, a beautiful story has emerged: a woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Triumphant cheers broke out as Emily Ortega, 21, delivered a healthy daughter named Bea Joy Sagales inside a damaged office unit at the Tacloban airport control tower, ABC News reports. The new life gave the residents and military medics a much needed morale boost in a city where officials estimate thousands are dead.

Ortega was in an evacuation center Friday after she swam and held onto a post before being found at the airport. Her husband was in Manila and unaware of what had happened.

Sadly, Bea Joy Sagales was named after Ortega’s mother, who went missing in the storm Friday.

If you want to make a donation to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, following is a list of disaster relief organizations:

Philippine Red Cross

You can make a donation to the Red Cross. Currently, the program is coordinating disaster relief initiatives throughout the central Philippines.

World Food Program

The program provides emergency food aid to families and children. You can make a donation online or via PayPal.


The Philippine branch of Unicef is doing everything possible to bring children drinkable water, medical supplies, shelter and food. You can donate online as part of an Emergency Typhoon Appeal.

Save the Children

You can donate online to help respond to the extensive needs of Typhoon-affected children and families. Save the Children has promised that 10 percent of each donation will be set aside in an effort to prep for future emergencies.

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