Was Your Mommy Ego Bruised on Valentine’s Day?

Here’s a popular repost for all the¬†under-achieving ladies out there….

Was it just me, or did your mommy ego also take a nosedive when your kids went through their Valentine’s from their classmates?

In eager excitement, my kids poured out their love-inspired notes after school. And instead of sharing in their joy, I caved into my anxiety and negative self-talk.

Homemade cookies? Fancy chocolates? Crafts and hand-written poems? Full-on snacks in GD decorated baggies with custom-made notes?


Apparently I’m new at this game. I thought Valentine’s Day cards for preschoolers and 7-year-olds was a “To and From” situation. My mommy duty is to purchase a box of $2 cards, then help my kids print each of their classmates’ names which are later distributed on the morning of the 14th.


Has Valentine’s Day become a new battle in ‘The Mommy Wars‘?

I should’ve known this was coming. On Valentine’s Eve, some of my Facebook friends started posting the evidence. “I got this great idea from Pinterest,” one of my online pals captioned a photo of the amazing homemade snacks and cards she whipped up with her kids.


Has social media created a competitive space for women to live up to the ‘Super Mom‘ image?

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In my feeble attempt to make sense of it all, I quickly assumed my Facebook friend was on some kind of Valentine’s party planning committee. But I soon discovered that this is the new norm.

And here’s the ironic thing. I thought I was being PC-chic with my puppies and kittens cards, not giving into the mass media hype of Lightning McQueen and Cinderella.

So what are we doing here, mommies? Can we just lay it out on the table? Is this like small man syndrome….you know, a short guy driving a suped-up truck kind of thing? Are we trying to overcompensate for something? Has social media created a space for Super Mom monsters? Has our gender’s disease to please been taken to another level thanks to Pinterest and Facebook?

In my opinion there is way too much pressure on women to be the ‘best mom’ out there, and Valentine’s Day is just another platform to let the mommy wars rage on.

Whether it’s the trendiest stroller, or the most organically-packed lunch, or the biggest and best birthday parties, or the most unique Valentine’s Day cards, it seems us moms are in a constant competition with each other.

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The Super Mom thing is getting old. Maybe we should stop this?!

Sound off in the comments. Am I way off base, or do you feel the same way?

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