Happy Mother’s Day: Awkward Family Photos

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Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

In celebration of moms everywhere, we’re taking a look at some awkward photos of mommy dearest.

Here’s hoping karma doesn’t bite me with an embarrassing viral photo in the future.

But for now, please join me in a good laugh at the expense of others. :)

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 5.51.33 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 5.51.50 AM ss-120503-Awkward-Mom-Heres-Looking-At-You.ss_full ss-120503-Awkward-Mom-Showgirls.ss_full ss-120503-Awkward-Mom-Sketchy.ss_full ss-120503-Awkward-Mom-The-Manwich.ss_full ss-120510-awkward-mom-RR.ss_full ss-130424-Carousel.ss_full ss-130424-DanceFever.ss_full ss-130424-EyesWideOpen.ss_full ss-130424-HeadsUp.ss_full ss-130424-HotTubTimeMachine.ss_full ss-130424-SalonStyle.ss_full ss-130424-ToiletBuiltForTwo.ss_full ss-140505-awkward-moms-Bedfellows.ss_full ss-140505-awkward-moms-Catch-of-The-Day.ss_full ss-140505-awkward-moms-Cold-Storage.ss_full ss-140505-awkward-moms-Fine-Feathered-Friend.ss_full ss-140505-awkward-moms-Shiner.ss_full ss-140505-awkward-moms-Tangled.ss_full ss-140505-awkward-moms-The-New-Doo.ss_full

01-GBH-Awkward-Family-Photos-1 2340041416 awkward-family-photos-3 hockey mom 2 parajenes mamades-3 ss-120503-Awkward-Mom-Golden-Girls.ss_full venus de mom

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