Review: Latch On To Munchkin And Their Travel Accessories

Do you take a lot of road trips with your babe(s)? Or do you find yourself in your vehicle taking them everywhere?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your vehicle set up so that travel-time with your baby/toddler is more efficient?

Well once again Munchkin is a great go-to brand to make sure that you’re covered with all things baby. And this time, we’re taking a closer look at some of their travel accessories as well their new LATCH baby bottle that may be a great addition to your baby essentials.

Munchkin Toddler Travel SetMy two daughters – 2-years old and 9-months old – come everywhere with me in our lovely mini-van. And as my toddler gets older, I’m noticing how things are changing such as the amount of crumbs accumulating in her car seat, to the number of toys she wants to bring in/out of the vehicle, etc. I decided to order the Munchkin Toddler Travel Set for her. The Toddler Travel Set includes a car organizer, a big kid cup, and a set of educational flash cards.

The Backseat Car Organizer is great because it holds a lot of stuff from toys, to drinks, to snacks, etc. It attaches nicely onto the back of the front seat. Unfortunately for my daughter, she can’t really reach anything because car seats nowadays have them so buckled down. Munchkin Back Seat OrganizerTo accommodate her, I have the car organizer attached to the back of the passenger seat allowing me to access many of the items as I drive.

The 9oz. Click Lock insulated Big Kid Cup is in a sense a sippy cup, but without the big spout. It reminds me of my hot chocolate travel mug because it has a lid on it with three little holes to drink out of – only the Big Kid Cup also has a plastic stopper to prevent any spills. Since my 2-year old daughter is good at drinking from an actual cup, I have removed the plastic stopper so it’s easier for her to drink from.

The Flash Card set is a great piece to travel with. It’s got a little handle on it which has multiple uses – it holds all the cards on the rings, my toddler uses it like a purse, and my 9-month old uses it as a chew toy. The Flash Card set has 40 bilingual cards with many shapes, letters, numbers and animals on them to keep my daughters learning and stimulated while in the vehicle. It’s also great to throw in the diaper bag for down times where you’re waiting at the doctor’s office.

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Munchkin BricaThe other travel item that I ordered was the Brica Baby In-Sight Soft Touch Auto Mirror. I had one of these for my first born and then went about two months without having a backseat mirror when my youngest babe was born. It was tough not being able to see how she was doing and whether or not she was sleeping. I was so grateful when I finally got my second shatter-proof Brica mirror.

The Brica Baby In-Sight Soft Touch Auto Mirror has an extra large viewing area with a convex mirror. This allows me to get a wide-angled view of my babe when she’s sitting rear-facing. My daughter loves it too as she now enjoys seeing another baby looking back at her when she gets into the car and also she can see me when I’m driving.

It’s the simple things, isn’t it? We’re making good use out of our Muchkin travel essentials.

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So on a different note, my 9-month old finally – let me emphasize FINALLY – learned how to drink from a bottle last month. She used a bottle during her first month of life and then forgot the next 6-or-so months how to do it since I nursed her more often than not. We tried bottle after bottle during months five to seven and all she would do is just gnaw on the nipple. Frustrating for her and really frustrating for mama!

And then I was introduced to the LATCH bottle made by Munchkin.

The LATCH bottle is supposed to mimic mama’s breast as it pumps, moves, and stretches as the baby sucks on it. As the baby puts pressure on the nipple, the bottle releases the milk just like mom would.

Munchkin LatchWell, when I tried the LATCH, it wasn’t a miracle bottle where the first time my baby used it she magically figured out how to drink from a bottle, but after a handful of uses, she just one day started sucking. I was flabbergasted. I expected her to just keep chewing and chewing on the nipple and I was ready to accept that she’s going to skip the bottle phase and go directly to a cup (which she is pretty good at already). So not sure if it’s the bottle or what, but I was happy and so was she!

Another cool feature of the LATCH bottle is that it’s designed to help colicky babies. While feeding, the accordion-style nipple flexes as baby moves her head. This allows baby to maintain her latch, thus decreasing ingestion of air. Note: Because of the accordian-style nipple, just remember to pull the nipple out as far as it can go. I’ve assembled it a few times and it’s leaked only because I didn’t pull the nipple to the last ‘accordian’ ridge.

I’m grateful that my 9-month old is now drinking from a bottle so if you’re in the same situation as I was with a baby who was having troubles learning to use a bottle, you should definitely give the Munchkin LATCH bottle a try.

I must say Munchkin does think about ‘the little things’ our kids could use.

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