Review: Naturalmat Changes How Babies Sleep

So we all know that eating organic foods is more than likely better for us that foods that have been sprayed with pesticides and such, but what about our bedding?  And the bedding for our babies and children?

As adults, we spend a third of our lives sleeping and our little ones spend more than half of their lives asleep.   That’s a lot of time in our beds.  Is it fair for us to allow our children to sleep in a bed that has been made with chemicals and synthetic materials?  In my opinion, no.  It’s not fair because the children have no choice in the matter.  We, as parents, often just go buy a mattress from the nearest baby store…that’s just what we (generally speaking) do.

Did you know that there’s a company out there that makes the latest organic essential…an organic mattress?

Naturalmat has created a collection of baby bedding that allows our children to sleep organically.  Their bedding is 100 percent organic and handcrafted in England.

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My daughter has been using Naturalmat’s Latex Mat for a number of weeks now.  For me, as mom, I’m liking this mattress quite a bit.  It’s nice to know that the mattress is hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial so any germs that linger in regular mattresses will more than likely not be able to survive on our Naturalmat mattress.  My lil’ one seems to sleep well on the Latex Mat and enjoys spending time in her crib while awake.

As a customer, I appreciate that the mattresses come with a quilted cover and a mattress protector to protect the actual mattress.  The quilted cover can be thrown in the wash as often as needed.

Check out how each mattress is made:  How Naturalmat Mattresses Are Made

Naturalmat Organic Cotton SheetsThe organic cotton sheets are soft and breathable and once again, I think it’s great that they are free of pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals or chemicals.

The more I learn, I’m glad that Naturalmat showed up in my life.  The company helped me realize that as a parent, I have so much more control over my family’s environment than I thought…who knew that I can allow my children to sleep on mattresses that will be better for their health and not just their backs.

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The Natural Mat Co. TopshamAbout Naturalmat:
Founded in 2000 by Mark Tremlett and Peter Tindall, Naturalmat began as a supplier of natural mattresses for boats and yachts.  “We started Naturalmat because as parents we wanted our own children to sleep safely and comfortably in the best, most natural, environment,” said co-founders Mark Tremlett and Peter Tindall.  “Our mission is to give parents total peace of mind by knowing their child has a healthy start in life sleeping on the best baby mattresses on the market – mattresses that are 100 percent organic and chemical free.”

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