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Do You Let Your Teen Have Sex In The House?


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Sexuality educator Nadine Thornhill asks the question: Would you let your teen have sex in the house?

According to recent research, by the time our teens turn 19, approximately 71% have engaged in partnered sexual activity.

Even the most conservative of parents cannot ignore these high statistics.

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Alyssa Milano Leaves ‘Mistresses’ For Motherhood. Would You?

Alyssa Milano at the Disney Junior's 'Pirate And Princess: Power Of Doing Good' Tour held at Brookside Park in Pasadena

Well this is refreshing!

Who’s the Boss? alum Alyssa Milano is putting her family before her career.

The new mom-of-two, 41, is leaving the popular ABC drama Mistresses. Why, one might ask?

The actress said that “being a mother and wife comes first,” as she announced her departure from the show.

“After two wonderful seasons in Los Angeles, the studio has decided to shoot season three of Mistresses in Vancouver, Canada for financial reasons,” she wrote on her blog Tuesday.

Family comes first for the actress, who is mom to son Milo, 3, and daughter Elizabella, 3 weeks.

“It’s with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can’t relocate,” she explained. “I have two babies under 4. Being a mother and wife comes first and I just can not uproot my children and separate the family by moving away.”

‘Atta girl Samantha Micelli — showing those TV executives who’s the boss!

Seriously though, how many actress’ would do the same? So many high-profile moms relocate their families, hire full-time nannies, and even commute cross-country (and sometimes cross-continental) for their fancy gigs.

It’s such a hard decision for so many women! Here are some quotes from working moms in Hollywood on the challenge of balancing work and motherhood:

“I think when you are a working mother it is always very difficult. In fact it’s difficult if you are a mother anyway even if you are not working. It’s the demand, the responsibility and the love. It’s a lot. And trying to balance a career with it makes it hard. I have a lot of respect for women who try to do both things, because I really struggle.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

“I’m still wiping a bottom, making three meals a day, dealing with sass—and also trying to work. I don’t always do it all well. At bedtime last night my middle child said, ‘I feel like you never have time to play with me.’ I thought, ‘My mom never played with me. I’m trying! But you know what? She’s right. So my goal is to play dolls with her all afternoon. I guess I would say for this stage of my life, I’m in the thick of it.” – Jennifer Garner

“I’ve learned to become incredibly efficient. I don’t stress about being ‘balanced’ because the truth is, parenting is unpredictable and you can’t account for everything. Instead, I’m cognizant of my priorities and I wake up knowing what I need to accomplish personally and professionally, and then I do everything I can to fulfill those goals.” – Ivanka Trump

“When I was a new mom, I used to think that life was going to be balanced, and I strived for that. But life is crazy! I’ve got two little ones a year apart—my daughter Rain and my son, Shaya—and two older daughters—Neriah and Sierra—and a million things to do. I gave up on the expectation that everything was going to be picture-perfect. Balance is a joke.” – Brooke Burke-Charvet

“It’s looney! But it’s the same as any working mom or parent. It’s so fun that it’s worth it. I try to get out of the house without macaroni and cheese [on me]. I wait till the last second to get dressed because I have to avoid the little kid hands down me.” – Melissa McCarthy

“[I don't want to be asked how I balance work and motherhood] because, (a) I’m not nearly as busy as people think, (b) half of everything just doesn’t get done — as long as no one is in tears, nobody smells bad and everyone’s sleeping peacefully, I’ve done my job — and (c) I have a supportive group of girlfriends, a great husband and an understanding family. The rest gets done with grit, spit and a whole lot of duct tape.” – Julia Roberts

Would/did you leave your successful job for motherhood? Sound off in the comments below!

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Which Reality Star Compared The Holocaust to Abortion?

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.42.16 AM

Many say that reality TV is the downfall of humanity.

From shows that glamorize teen pregnancy, to famous socialites that gain stardom after ‘leaked’ sex tapes, to southern duck hunters that feel homosexuality is a sin and comparative to bestality and terrorism, some have argued that these shows are not a true depiction of life at all.

MORE: From Porn to Stardom: 3 Simple Steps to Fame & Fortune

One of the most controversial reality stars - 19 Kids and Counting‘s Michelle Duggar – is making headlines again.

No, she is not pregnant with her twentieth child. The star’s 21-year-old daughter Jessa Duggar shared some deep (?) thoughts via social media last week.

After visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. on Thursday (September 25), Jessa reflected on the experience via Instagram.

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Too Cute! 20 Funny Baby Memes

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Have you ever wondered what your baby is thinking?

We’ve searched the interwebs and found some of the funniest baby memes out there.

So sit back and enjoy a good laugh this fine Monday morning on behalf of some serious cutie-patooties….

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Giveaway: Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Be Prepared Diaper Bag ($200)

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.44.40 AM

Designer diaper bags for today’s parents.

Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags are built to fit everything baby needs – while being stylish and fun. Featuring tokidoki, Original Ju-Ju-Be and Legacy prints. All Ju-Ju-Be bags are machine washable, anti- microbial and incredibly durable yet lightweight.

features of all Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags:

  • Machine washable
  • Teflon protected so stains won’t stick
  • AgION Antimicrobial Linings are anti-microbial and killmgerms, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, etc.
  • Full zip-down “mommy pocket” for easy access and light-colored linings so you can see what’s inside
  • Memory foam changing pad included
  • 2 exterior insulated bottle pockets with Thinsulate by 3M that maintain temperatures for up to 8 hours

We are giving away the Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Be Prepared – The Marquess diaper bag to 1 lucky reader (value: $200)!

One easy way to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest ends Tuesday, Sept. 30 at 12 am EST. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck! *contest rules*

Congratulations to the winner of our Little Giraffe giveaway: Summer!

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Controversial FASD Ads: Effective or Offensive?

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What do you think about this new campaign launched by the Government of Nunavut (the northernmost territory of Canada)?

The controversial ad is tackling the topic of consuming alcohol during pregnancy, and in particular, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

The poster encourages women not to drink any type or amount of alcohol during pregnancy.

Using classic shock value, the poster depicts a woman drinking out of a bottle which is directly consumed by her unborn child.

“Baby or the bottle? Pregnant women should never drink alcohol,” the ad reads.


After the Government of Nunavut posted the image on Twitter, many people were quick to react.

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